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  1. My first project

    Hi, This is my first project using a  PLC, so far I only own the software but plan to buy the LOGO soon. 1. I want the machine to feed the metal strip metal 2. If strip metal is picked up by the sensor, the machine continues, if the material buckles and does not reach the sensor I want the machine to stop, doing so by operating an air switch,  that that would be connected to the existing air operated clutch. 3. I would like the LEGO to count the parts. 4. I want a reset button 5. I want to add a flashing light or buzzer if the machine stops  due to proximity sensor not being activated. 6.  Eventually I would like to be able to view the counter over Wifi or on my mobile.   Would you give me some feed back on my program so far ? I would like some tips on  how to improve the program. Is the Wifi/ mobile idea feasible ?         endoffeedsensor.lsc
  2. Mitsubishi Plc beginner, please help.

    Hi, Thanks for the help and suggestions, Siemens Logo does look really good and a decent price. I think I will buy this kit and 2 proximity sensors from rs to get started
  3. Hi, I would like to use a  logic controller to use  with two proximity sensors and a electric air switch. My plan is the metal strip will feed , reach the sensor and cut material off . If the material does not reach the sensor a a cam will activate the other proximity sensor and send a signal to the air switch which will operate the air clutch and knock the machine off.   1. Which Mitsubishi controller would you recommend  ?   This is the one I am considering Alpha  2 logic  module , 100 to 240 v ac, 6 x input , 4 x output with display.   2. Which power supply should I match up with this ? As it is 230 v can I wire direct to  uk mains ? Or do I need a transformer ?   3. Which programming software should I use with this  ?   Thank you for any suggestion or help, I am new to PLC controllers, and just need a little assistance to get going, and to make sure I do not order the wrong parts.  I have lots of ideas of things I would like to make and control using them and  I am keen  to learn.