Mitsubishi Plc beginner, please help.

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I would like to use a  logic controller to use  with two proximity sensors and a electric air switch.

My plan is the metal strip will feed , reach the sensor and cut material off .

If the material does not reach the sensor a a cam will activate the other proximity sensor and send a signal to the air switch which will operate the air clutch and knock the machine off.


1. Which Mitsubishi controller would you recommend  ?


This is the one I am considering

Alpha  2 logic  module , 100 to 240 v ac, 6 x input , 4 x output with display.


2. Which power supply should I match up with this ?

As it is 230 v can I wire direct to  uk mains ?

Or do I need a transformer ?


3. Which programming software should I use with this  ?


Thank you for any suggestion or help, I am new to PLC controllers, and just need a little assistance to get going, and to make sure I do not order the wrong parts.

 I have lots of ideas of things I would like to make and control using them and  I am keen  to learn.




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@jerome About your questions.

1. Mitsubishi Alpha 2 series are smart relay PLC that can use with simple ladder functions that match with your sequence

If you have to use complex functions or add on I/O in future you should use FX3G series but if not Alpha 2 series are enough.

2. Alpha 2 are used universal Input from 100 -240 VAC that means you can connect it with 1-phase electrical voltage normally.

3. Programming software for Alpha 2 PLC are AL-PCS/WIN that need programming cable model AL-232CAB to connect with it or you can usebuilt-in button on display to edit PLC program.

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