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  1. Auto Test Fanuc Series 90/73

    What is the implication of the performance of the PLC if we disable the auto test ? all my outputs fail safe 
  2. Auto Test Fanuc Series 90/73

    Oh, my mistake 90/70. The auto test is a rutine on the GMR that perform a loop test for all the outputs on a predefine schedule. The message is on the HMI (DCS) as commun fault and when we connect to the PLC and we see the details on the fault table. Does somebody disable the auto test ?  
  3. Auto Test Fanuc Series 90/73

    We have a plc that runs the auto test every 72 hours ( 3 days) and it is sending a message Application msg (10304) I/P A/T res timeout we went to the manual and all it says is to contact the vendor so no much help at all. Question: If we disable the auto test what is the risk ? all of the outputs are fail safe ! Any experience with this topic, thanks