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  1. Thanks for the video it helps.  Base on the video explanation, i came out with the schematic attached below, please kindly go through it. and see if i did it the right way.  thanks wiring diagram for AB 1400 & square wave generator.pdf
  2. Hello Pcmccartney 1, thanks for the video, but  if i can get the wiring diagram it will help me more.  
  3. Hello,  please i wish to simulate HSC in Allen Bradley 1400 using a square wave generator. i have built and tested the square wave generator it works well, the issue is how to wire it to Allen Bradley 1400. also i wish to understand IO Configuration filter settings, am using Allen Bradley 1400 B series Processor  Thanks  Square wave generator simulating with AB 1400 for HSC.pdf
  4. Hello Sir, thanks for the reply. all the 4 inputs have been located and labeled as required. they are additional 4 inputs also used for flow rate. but i did not locate them on the data input file.  am doing direct verification's from the inputs and outputs once am done i will come out with documents identifying what input goes to were, and same with the output.  (nope... just need someone who has done PLC programming,. one person is plenty. you should be the one watching over the shoulder.) ( i studied electrical and control engineering, i did PLC programming as well, but am a fresher, coming across tasks like this builds me with a good experience) (remember the story of Thomas Edison and 2000 filament) once more sir thank for you constant contribution i appreciate.    
  5. Hello Sir thanks for the contribution. i need to understand the ladder logic diagrams first. looking at ladder 5 you will see real world outputs as indicated in the electrical diagrams. now looking at the inputs of the ladder diagrams they are made up of registers , in this situation how do i figure out the real time input. coz if you check the input data file, it show some inputs are ON but i cant figure their locations on the diagrams.      
  6. Hi, thanks for the reply, since  ( It sounds like you really need someone to look over your shoulder as you work through this ) you are right. as it requires collective ideas coz the task is tough !  
  7. RSS file  PLC1.RSS
  8. HMI Documents  HMI manual.pdf
  9. Hi, so far  i got some documents from the manufacturer, while trying to study the documents, please i will still need more elaboration from this forum thanks  electrical diagrams.pdf
  10. this is for the HMI

    HMI manual.pdf

  11. Hi, Joe E,

    please find attached  some part of the documents 

    electrical diagrams.pdf

  12. Hi sir, thanks for the reply. am working hard to get the documents.
  13. Hi Joe,  i have written to the company. but no respond yet. i even called the technical support center, it seems the receptionist is not all that conversant with English language, how ever she said i should get back to her by 2 pm Italian time today.  
  14. please here is the project.  PLC1.RSS