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  1. Having issues going online after uploading from AB 1400

    Hello thanks for the reply, i want to upload from the PLC. the PLC got a program inside already. 
  2. Hello, please i wish to know the right communication cable for Delta HMI DOP B07S411 and Allen Bradley 1400 PLC
  3. Thank you, the system worked well after following the guidance you gave. now i got one more issue, when i tried to go online a message pops up saying program in the processor has change causing offline state do you want upload ? even if i upload again without any changes the message still comes up will appreciate more guidance.    Uploading from PLC.pdf
  4. Having issues going online after uploading from AB 1400

    sure i did not change the file,  after uploading a notification pops up do you want to go online i accepted and the message came up program in the processor has changed causing an offline state !
  5. Hi, i uploaded program from my Allen Bradley 1400 PLC. when i tried to go online, a notification pops up showing program in processor has changed causing offline state do u want to upload, when i upload the same information comes up Uploading from PLC.pdf
  6.  Hi, after implement the following steps to configure my Allen Bradley 1400 programing logic controller, I tried uploading program from the PLC, a got a notification displaying (no respond from processor at selected path/node) please will appreciate any help to rectify this error uploading program from AB 1400 (1).pdf
  7. panel-view plus 600 HMI

    Please, how do I need to communicate the HMI to RSLinx its via USB, enthernet or serial port, I mean for communication cable to PC
  8. panel-view plus 600 HMI

    Hi, thanks for the reply but this looks like RSlinx Classic ? please I wish to know, can a corrupt firewall prevent the HMI from powering up ?
  9. panel-view plus 600 HMI

    Hi, thanks for the reply, please can you guide me on how to access it via RSLinx ? because i have tried to follow some video tutorials, the main communication mode i see there is factory talk studio.  thanks  
  10. Hi guys, any related website were i can download RSLogix English 500, i need to work on my AB 1400
  11. panel-view plus 600 HMI

    thanks for the reply, am a technician, follwng the troubleshooting manual, when a red light comes ON on the HMI it indicate hardware failure, but when a green light comes on it indicate software issues, now the issues here is the green light is ON but the system does not power ON for you to access the system and upgrade what ever firewall that maybe required 
  12. panel-view plus 600 HMI

    Hi guys, my panel-view plus 600 HMI, when powered  the comm green light comes ON and it does not go OFF,  the screen does not come ON, Please how do i solve this issue ? PANELVIEW 600 touchscreen.pdf
  13. HMI panel view plus 600

    Hello, my AB HMI panel view plus 600, when I power it only the comm green light comes on, the touch screen does not come on, any help I will appreciate thanks.