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  1. Thank you very much panic mode for the write up. my goal is I wish to control flow. For example if I need 100 liters i should input the requirement in my HMI and once 100 liters is dispense The pump should stop, Different amount of litters maybe requested depending on the need.  Now my flow meter has been set at 1 liters per pulse, pulse width is 100ms and scan cycle is 3-5ms that is the scope of the project thanks
  2. Hi experts, the pulses counted in my flow meter are not the same with what is counted in my PLC. my flow meter is set at 1 liter per pulse, and the pulse width is 100 mili-seconds  my PLC filter is set at 5 micro-seconds. example for 12-13 seconds in my flow meter readings 23 liters will be dispense for the same 12-13 second it shows 12 liters dispensed on my HMI. please what settings are required to make both the PLC and flow meter count the same ? am using high speed counter for this application. Please i will appreciate any contribution to enable me solve this problem  thanks     
  3. Thanks panic mode, I will restructure the program. but I need to use the count up. For accumulation and pre-set for my application.
  4. Panic mode. Okay thanks for the identification' please how do I rectify this ?
  5. please find attached the program UNTITLED_BAK001-pages-supprimées (2).pdf
  6. Panic mode thanks for your contribution. pulse width is 100  milliseconds I believe that's slow, secondly the reading from the flow meter aligns with the PLC HSC, but it's the CTU and HSC counts that does not align.
  7. Hello all thanks for the Verious contributions.  After going through the program detaily I realize that the flow meter actually counts the same with my PLC HSC. But now my HSC does not count the same with my count up  CTU. For example the HSC is counting on 5 and CTU on 3 Please is there any possibilities for the both to count the same ?
  8. Hello Sir, thanks for the reply  the HMI reads from the micrologix data table. Am using Delta DOP B series HMI
  9. Hello Sir, thanks for the reply. am using E+H promag 50 that's flow meter and Allen Bradley 1400. In builder HSC. thanks 
  10. Hi experts thank you people for the wonderful contributions you made. The program works well now 
  11. Hi, my HSC counts accumulated pulses but destination register does not count ! will appreciate any contribution to help resolve this issue  thanks  HSC Issues.pdf
  12. Hello, I noticed something, I configured the two counters in the same program but different ladders, the first counter and it register counters well. the second counter only the Accumulator counts the destination register does not count.  Please will appreciate any contribution to resolve this suituation  thanks 
  13. okay i have PM you the program just now 
  14. Hi b_carlton thanks for the contribution you have made, when i configured HSC:0.ACC, it was working very well and counting in the destination register L9:0, but when i configured the other HSC, for example, when i connected my square wave simulator input in IN 4 which reads HSC:1, I noticed only the HSC was accumulating, but the destination register was not counting.  i connected the pulse input back to IN0, that is HSC:0 Only the accumulator was reading and the register L9:0 was not reading any longer.  just  thought of something, could it be that the battery am using to power my square wave generator is low ? and as such the pulses it generate now are weaker to work with the PLC scantime ?    
  15. Hello,  please i wish to simulate HSC in Allen Bradley 1400 using a square wave generator. i have built and tested the square wave generator it works well, the issue is how to wire it to Allen Bradley 1400. also i wish to understand IO Configuration filter settings, am using Allen Bradley 1400 B series Processor  Thanks  Square wave generator simulating with AB 1400 for HSC.pdf
  16. Thanks for the video it helps.  Base on the video explanation, i came out with the schematic attached below, please kindly go through it. and see if i did it the right way.  thanks wiring diagram for AB 1400 & square wave generator.pdf
  17. Hello Pcmccartney 1, thanks for the video, but  if i can get the wiring diagram it will help me more.  
  18. panel-view plus 600 HMI

    Hi guys, my panel-view plus 600 HMI, when powered  the comm green light comes ON and it does not go OFF,  the screen does not come ON, Please how do i solve this issue ? PANELVIEW 600 touchscreen.pdf
  19. Hi please, i will like to learn a few things about expansion module, how can the card number of an expansion module be identified,  how can the configuration of an expansion module be achieved using RSLogix 500, an example will be the expansion module attached here in the micrologix series  expansion module configuration (Allen Bradley).pdf
  20. Hello Sir, thanks for the reply. all the 4 inputs have been located and labeled as required. they are additional 4 inputs also used for flow rate. but i did not locate them on the data input file.  am doing direct verification's from the inputs and outputs once am done i will come out with documents identifying what input goes to were, and same with the output.  (nope... just need someone who has done PLC programming,. one person is plenty. you should be the one watching over the shoulder.) ( i studied electrical and control engineering, i did PLC programming as well, but am a fresher, coming across tasks like this builds me with a good experience) (remember the story of Thomas Edison and 2000 filament) once more sir thank for you constant contribution i appreciate.    
  21. Hi please, i got a ladder logic project here that a uploaded from a PLC, I please i need more elaboration on this ladder logic project please the attached pdf below    thanks  PLC1.pdf
  22. Hello Sir thanks for the contribution. i need to understand the ladder logic diagrams first. looking at ladder 5 you will see real world outputs as indicated in the electrical diagrams. now looking at the inputs of the ladder diagrams they are made up of registers , in this situation how do i figure out the real time input. coz if you check the input data file, it show some inputs are ON but i cant figure their locations on the diagrams.      
  23. Hi, thanks for the reply, since  ( It sounds like you really need someone to look over your shoulder as you work through this ) you are right. as it requires collective ideas coz the task is tough !  
  24. RSS file  PLC1.RSS