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  1. Dear Sergey,


    I've got your name from Inntele.

    I have a question about a weekly timer. Inntele wrote me that you make one in the past for the Mitsubishi Q series.

    For 2 weeks ago I put a message on this forum

    Maybe you can help me?

    Thanks a lot for reading this message

  2. Weekly Timer

    Thanks for the info Inntele, I will contact with Sergey.
  3. Weekly Timer

    As retirement person I have time enough to wait a few day's :):)
  4. Weekly Timer

    @Inntele,   Also the result of my work no available anymore. But, Is it possible that you can help me?
  5. Weekly Timer

    Hello Bryll, Thanks for the info but I use the Q serie (secondhand Q002H). I've got it from my boss before my retirement...and I used it for my home. Only used for the lighting in the garden. I saw in the help the daterd function and try it, Ok, I can get the system time, hours etc.   @Inntele, where is the download link? can I use it on a Q002H, or translate to the Q002H? (I am mechanical and not electric, so programming is very difficult and going very slow at my age.)   Thank you for all the help so far.  
  6. Weekly Timer

    Hello all, Is there someone who has already programmed a weekly timer? I started to try making one by myself by counting pulse, etc but after two weeks I'm stopped with it. I would like to be able to turn a bit on and off on a certain day (time).  I (try) to program in gx iec developer 7.04  If someone has an example I would be very grateful. Thanks for the help
  7. FX3U to Q002H

    Hello Kaare_T, Thanks for the clear description and the example. It's clear for me, I implemented, tested and it works. (every day I learn a little bit) Thanks for the help
  8. FX3U to Q002H

    Hello,   First I want to introduce myself... I am beginner in programming PLC's. Just starting 4 weeks ago....and 61 years old. So, please have a little patience with me.   I have a FX3U PLC and last summer it is broken. I've got a second hand Q002H PLC and I try to translate the program to this PLC.   Right now I'm stuck with the following: The Q002H CPU does not recognize the DECMP function. (See screenshot) What function do I need in the Q002H CPU?   Is there anybody who can help me?   I use GXWorks2.     Alarm              = Var_Input (bit) Basis_1            = Var_Input (Float (Single Precision) Basis_min        = Var_Input (Float (Single Precision) B_Error           = Var Bit(0..2)   Thanks for all the help