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  1. Remote IO

    thank you bob. really appreciate your help ! 
  2. Remote IO

    Hi friends , recently i ve been doing some diggings about remote IO cards, in my factory we have a CJ2m PLC and it communicates with remote IO cards with four numbered words (2080.00 , 2080.01, 2080.02....2080.15 ) and there were several dip switches on the IO cards, which were set but i can't understand what was the basis of that settings. So I'd like to know how these dip switches behave and what are the uses of them ?? and how is it possible to have 4 numbered word bits ?? pls help me someone to clarify this, i tried internet, but cudnt help myself !!!  thank you    Here I attach one of the pictures i took of one of the remote input cards.
  3. Remote IO

    sure i will upload the photo soon, i dont have one with a closed door, but today I can take a picture.  And can you explain further, what are that other switches above the number 8 there ? there are two more switches above number 8,
  4. Hello Friends,  I've been writing a program for several days now, Actually I'm an immature for CX programmer and also for plc programming, So I'd like to ask you, if there is any decent way ,,,,I mean a good method of starting to write a program and keeping the flow of it so, it is easy to keep track on what i've been doing from the beginning.??  Cuz sometimes I face the problem of loosing points that were written by myself but not remembering them, So I'd like to learn how to organize my written lines as a wanna be professional.   Thank you   :) 
  5. Immediate Refresh

    Hi....I found an option in CX programmer as immediate refresh that I can activate in contact points.. Can someone please explain me, what does it mean and what are the uses I have with it??   I'm new with Cx Programming and I hope I'll get help here... :) :)  
  6. Immediate Refresh

    Hi Garry, Really thank you for the information and it was really helpful and also I could get my job done. !!!!!!!