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Hello Friends, 

I've been writing a program for several days now, Actually I'm an immature for CX programmer and also for plc programming, So I'd like to ask you, if there is any decent way ,,,,I mean a good method of starting to write a program and keeping the flow of it so, it is easy to keep track on what i've been doing from the beginning.??  Cuz sometimes I face the problem of loosing points that were written by myself but not remembering them, So I'd like to learn how to organize my written lines as a wanna be professional.   Thank you   :) :-):-)

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One thing that will help is to break the project into separate logical tasks and create a program section for each task. That will allow you to arrange the program sections in a logical order even if you don't write them that way.

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The above link will take you to the five steps to PLC program development. 
1.Define the task
2.Define the inputs and outputs
3.Develop a logical sequence of operation
4.Develop the PLC program
5.Test the program

As Mendonsy has mentioned, you can break the overall project up into smaller tasks.


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