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  1. CX-One Update / Windows 7

    Hello guys I followed PDL´s advice and completely uninstalled CX-One V3.01 using the latest CX-One remover tool from http://www.myomron.com/ (I also uploaded the file to the download section : http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?autocom=...&showcat=48 After the PC was restarted and registry cleaned with Tune Up Utilities 2010. On all following installation procedure the option " run as administrator " was used !! Before I launched the CX-One setup I seperatly installed CX Server from CD #1 and restarted the PC again After that I installed CX-One V3.01 again and made the online registration . After completing the registration I restarted the PC again and installed the new autoupdate file from http://www.myomron.com/ Searching for updates results in an error message ( see pic) but there are some updates available for CX-Common components (2 files) CX-Programmer 8.3 CX Integrator 2.1 Download and install the upgrades in the order they apear! After a few restarts required by the updates finally all seems to work fine!!!! Rgds Michael
  2. File Name: CX-One removal tool from MYOMRON File Submitter: michaelw File Submitted: 14 Jan 2010 File Category: Utilities Apperently this is the latest Version of this tool and seems to work good Click here to download this file
  3. CX-One removal tool from MYOMRON



    Apperently this is the latest Version of this tool and seems to work good
  4. CX-One V4

    Hi guys What I heard from our Austrian rep CX-One 4 is available here in Austria since Dec 2009 Upgrade price is around Euro 400.- Rgds Michael
  5. CX-One Update / Windows 7

    Hi Wulfgar Thanks for your answer. I wonder that the the original CX-One V3.01 could be installed without problems in Win7. Also other automation programs i.e Mitsubishi IEC Developer ,GT Works 2 or Lenze GDC , Lenze DDS-Studio run perfectly under Win 7 even not using the compatibility mode . Using a VM XP could be a solution to the Omron problem Best regards Michael
  6. CX-One Update / Windows 7

    Hi Guys After having bought a PC with Win 7 Ultimate I tried to install CX-One V3.01 from my original disc set. The basic installation worked ok except the old autoupdate Flexnet feature ( could not recognize product) I installed the autopdate update from Omron US site , which trying to use the feature was updated automatically to CX-Oneautoupgrade utility Version1.00.15 After running this version I had the some updates available( see appended pic) First download was Common components 0912_0301 and CX-Server Componet Driver 0802_0201. During installation of this first update I got a lot of error messages ( msi could not be found ,no valid source etc. ) and finally CX-Programmer did not work any more I already tried to contact Omron but they are still on holidays here until next week. Does anybody had this experience too or a solution for it ? Thanks for answers Best regards Michael
  7. NSJ5 manual

    Jay, Thanks for the info Mike-Austria
  8. NSJ5 manual

    Hi there! Where can I download the tech. manual for the NSJ5 ??? THX mike
  9. RFID Sensor unit CJ1W-V600C1x

    Thanks Jay!!
  10. RFID Sensor unit CJ1W-V600C1x

    Hi there, I´m looking for technical manual for CJ1W-V600C1x unit as I had no sucess finding it in the "download center" (Omron Europe) .Plse help. Thanks in advance
  11. peripheral port in cpm1a omron plc

    The easiest way would be to use a programming cable CQM1-CIF02
  12. CS1G-H Abnormal D-behavior

    Hi Kink After the online edit i saved the file but didn´t exit the CX-programmer which shouln´t be a problem+as usually i do a program compare before starting online edit as well after saving. By next week I will go to the customer site again and hopefully none of the described symptoms apear again. Thank you guys for your support. best regards Mike_Austria
  13. CS1G-H Abnormal D-behavior

    Hi Jay, This was exactly NOT the case ! The D´s are only changed via the supervisor´s mask .They are used as replacement of constants in like timers or CNT´s. If checked with the cross refference tool they appear only once / each D. No further operations use or acess this values. So,if the CX-Supervisor programm is not open and even the PC was shut down,there should be no reason not to be able to modify this values . But this did not work. That´s the reason I could not understand this abnormal behavior. Best regards Mike_Austria
  14. CS1G-H Abnormal D-behavior

    Hi there! System config: CPU CS1G-H-CPU43 +CX-Supervisor 1.1b13+ CX-Server1.7 on a Standard PC Programming via Laptop running CX-Programmer 4.03 + CX-Server 2.1. Writing / reading an array with 200 points (refresh set on request).D24500-24700 These points are used only once in the program as multipliers, timer values (user parameters). First all worked fine and after some time (I did some minor online editing in between, NOT involving the DM´s of the array area) I noticed that I couldn’t modify some of the values of the array area on the supervisors page as the always maintained the previous value. Checking with CX-Programmer’s D-Monitor on the Laptop it was not possible to overwrite the values manually! I closed CX Supervisor on the PC but still had no success in overwriting directly from CX-Programmer 4.3. Furthermore I noticed that only DM´s of the array were affected that are used in the program and have been defined with names in the CX-Programmer and linked to the CX –Server file. Switching the CPU to program mode it was possible to overwrite the values but switching back to monitor mode the D values were reset to the previous unchangeable values. After a new complete download of the program everything was back to normal again!?? Do you have any hints what can cause this kind of problem or any similar experiences?? Thanks for your help. Best regards Mike-Austria
  15. Scaling in CJ/CS1 PlC´s using APR

    Hi sleepy wombat, Seems that I found the solution to my first post As I tried your scaling excample with a C200HG (of course with other DM adresses),it seems that with this CPU the APR works slightly different than on the CS1 CPU´s . Furthermore I found a significant difference in the manuals W340-D1 German (see PDF) where bits 8-12 of S are not used at all and the manual W340-E110 English where these bits are used for data format specification for S and D. Seems if you work with Omron you should hang on to the english manuals :) Best regards Michael