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  1. AJ65SBT2B-64RD3 PT100 Module

    I found out the problem. I was reseting the CPU but the X1018 was not transitioning to true. It only does that on Power Up. When I cut the power and put it back on it worked.
  2. AJ65SBT2B-64RD3 PT100 Module

    Now I realised I have another problem. In the manual for the module there is an example program. Problem is that the bit X1018 that is the bit for the initial setting does not turn true to abilitate the conversion flags. I don't understand what I did wrong. If I put a -|P|- SM400 in paralel will it cause problems? I just want it to set everything once the PLC is powered up.
  3. AJ65SBT2B-64RD3 PT100 Module

    You mean this? It sais I should load H00 if I understand correctly to have sample processing fixed.
  4. AJ65SBT2B-64RD3 PT100 Module

    So if I want the real time value then it's better just to delete the lines? I want as fast of a reading in the temperature change as possible. Real time values not averaged values.
  5. MC Function on Q CPU

    I loaded it to the CPU and no error lights. Everything is running. I checked to see the next POU and that works even if the functions is disabilitated. I don't have the tool here to test on it but in a couple of weeks I can do that. For the Simulation Stand that has a complete PLC rack and HMI it seems to work.
  6. MC Function on Q CPU

    Thanks. I'll leave it without and test on the machine soon. If it works I will leave it like this, if not before the [END] line i will put [MCR N0].
  7. MC Function on Q CPU

    And if I use the whole POU? Do I need to use MCR? Or is it not needed?
  8. FX5 PLC loses impulses from encoder

    If It works until a certain frequency make sure that the encoder cable does not travel near the cable that outputs the inverter and goes to the motor. This cable should be shielded but sometimes even if it is shielded at high frequency it can cause disturbances. Try taking the cables out of the raceways and keeping as much distance between them as possible. If it's not an Software issue but an EMC issue like i suspect It will fix your problem.
  9. MC Function on Q CPU

    Sure. I have a function for the machine that I want to abilitate and disabilitate. If the conditions are true is works, if not it skips the code. I tried with GOEND but if by accident the Latch is switched off while working the outputs freeze ON and it could cause major problems.
  10. MC Function on Q CPU

    If I use at the begging of a POU the MC Nn Mn command do I have to use something at the end of the POU? I want the entire block to work only if certain conditions are True. Thank you
  11. AJ65SBT2B-64RD3 PT100 Module

    Hi guys, I'm playing around with a PT100 temperature reading module (AJ65SBT2B-64RD3 ) and I came across something strange. I took the example program written in the manual and copied it exactly. It works but now I figured that some of it is not needed maybe and some is not clear what it is used for. Can someone explain what exactly do these two values are in the settings? I'm using all 4CH of the module so maybe I need to change something or I can just delete it if it's useless in my application. (I read the temperature in a room and turn on or off a IR Lamp depending on that temperature). Thanks, Andrei
  12. Automatic Upload of PLC and HMI software

    How come?    
  13. Timer Values

    Now I know not to trust the simulator. I really thought I had a setting wrong or something. 
  14. Automatic Upload of PLC and HMI software

    This is helpful to read. I want to Write on the PLC automatically using a batch file. You put the SW in a certain folder. Put the PLC in STOP and run the batch file. It copies them automatically. I don't think this can be done so I got the ideea of using the CF card. But I keep getting asked if the batch file is possible.
  15. CC Link Address

    Perfect. So I need to put from Reserved Station to No Setting 28/30 and 30/32 for Stations 30 and 32. Very well explained. Thank you so much :D