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  1. Good day, I would like to extract the FT View SE Alarm Log. We currently have got a Excel spreadsheet set up with a connection to the FTAE SQL Database.  When I refresh the data, Excel give an error telling me that the data is more than what can be displayed in a spreadsheet. So it then discards the latest data. I have tried setting a database limit in the Factory Talk Administration console to only keep the last 60 days worth of data but it does not seem to take effect. I get data from January 2017 up to 15 October 2018. Is there a way to configure the ODBC connection in excel to only give me the data for the last 30 days or is there someone that can help me to limit the size of the database? I have attached the current connection config.
  2. Controllogix and Ramsey Micro-Tech 9101

    It's a pleasure. I am just as glad that it is working. Have been struggling for months.   Enjoy your day!
  3. Controllogix and Ramsey Micro-Tech 9101

    If you flash the ENBT to the latest firmware it should also work. I also saw the same problem but you have to use the COP instruction to copy the INT's to a tag with data type REAL. I have attached a snapshot of the ladder logic that I used to test. Make sure about the length, certain tags are 2 long and others 1.
  4. Controllogix and Ramsey Micro-Tech 9101

    I also had some issues. What version firmware do you have on the ENBT? I'm using Revision 6.6.   How are you connecting the MT9101 to the PLC? 
  5. Controllogix and Ramsey Micro-Tech 9101

    Hi Johan, I contacted Ramsey in America and they said you must make sure that the MT9101 is running the latest firmware which is You can check it by scrolling on the main run screen. He also sent me the latest manual. I have attached the manual. There are some differences, the input instance is still 100 but the size is 208, the Output instance and size stayed the same at 112 and 130, respectively. The configuration instance I first tried 4 and the size 0 but it did not work, then I changed it to 3 and it connected and the tags started reading but I cannot make sense of the tags. I could only see the Zero and Span reference values. The rest of the tags gives values which does not make sense. I will email them again and see if they can help me.   REC4281K.zip
  6. Controllogix and Ramsey Micro-Tech 9101

    I do not have any experience with that but I can give it a try.  
  7. Controllogix and Ramsey Micro-Tech 9101

    No, could not get it working. Ramsey couldn't even help me, they said I must get a Modbus/TCP module for the PLC to get it working. 
  8. Controllogix and Ramsey Micro-Tech 9101

    Thanks for the replies so far. I have attached an extraction from the manual with the settings. According to the manual the Comm Format is Data - INT. I have tried the setting they recommend but then I get a Invalid Input Size error, so I changed the size to 208 instead of 210 and then the message changed to Invalid Output Size. I then tried all the available options from 1 -- 248 and every time I got the same error. I will try what you guys suggested and hopefully I can get it working. 20160906151057885.pdf
  9. Hi, I would like to connect a  Ramsey Micro-Tech 9101 integrator via Ethernet/IP to a Controllogix. I have read the manual from Ramsey and they show that I should add a Generic Ethernet Module in RSLogix and enter the Input Assembly instance and Output Assembly parameters to get it working. I have tried the settings in the manual but it tells me that the Input Size is not correct, tried different values and couldn't find any that work. Could somebody please assist me? I have emailed Ramsey but have not gotten a reply yet and I also contacted their local office here in South Africa but they could not help me.