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  1. TIA Portal HMI Button Not working

    1) I checked the HMI tags; they appear to match the plc tags as I expect, but when I press the HMI buttons on the screen, in online mode, I cannot see the tags become energized in the ladder.   How you confirm the HMI tags is match to the PLC Tags. Is it by DB address? You need to make sure the HMI is link to the correct PLC addrrss.   2) The corresponding manual controls subsequently do not work.  The manual controls that do work, I can see the bits energize when I press the HMI buttons.   What means corresponding manual control subsequently do not work and the manual control that do work? This mean manual control work or not working?  
  2. Problem with ET200M on PROFINET network

    Try to delete SDB1002 and download again?
  3. HELP! Wiring 1214C DC/DC/DC CPU

    Hi Allen, Yes, your CPU is taking 24VDC as incoming power supply. Jairus's photo is another CPU modal. https://www.sahkonumerot.fi/2702074/doc/technicalinfodoc/ CPU1214C.pdf
  4. I guess you could use "Read_Var" and "Write_Var" to read and write.
  5. Omron RECV ETN21 to EIP21

    Hi everyone, currently I have a problem need to receive data from a Omron PLC to another Omron PLC. I would like to receive data from source EIP21 to destination ETN21. The steps I have done is:1) MOV #0020 D16180 (*Read 32 Words From Source*)2) MOV #0000 D16181 (*Use Local Network*)3) MOV #8400 D16182 (*Source PLC IP address is*)4) MOV #0003 D16183 (*Resend Time Set To 3s*)5) MOV #0000 D16184 (*Response Monitor Time Set To 0s*)6) RECV 400 D16130 D16180 (*First Source Word: D400, First Destination Word: D16130, First Control Word: D16180 *)Can help me check the is there any problem and any more steps I miss? Thank you.