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  1. Help with a communication with a C200H-CPU 01

    Your tip and links were crucial to end up weeks of researches in vain. Finally yesterday with your advice I could connect to de C200H. The switches  settings work a little different than in the literature. SW1=0,SW2=0,SW3=5,SW4=1 back SW is set for 0V and  DIP SW 1=off ,2=off,3=ON and 4=ON. With 4 off ,an earlier interruption message come on,after turn DIP SW 4 =ON ,the connection was stablished immediately. Thank you very much for the tip.
  2. Hi Jay

    I am look for help with a communication with a C200H-CPU 01. The PLC is on a 8 rack slots.the 2 on left of a CPU is empty. I acquire a C200H-LK201-V1 host link card and install it at 1st slot (even try others),I have the RCV led blink at the beginning of ( Syswin 3.4 "connect" command),but no activity on BMT,the message come as " no response from PLC".

    Software is SYSWIN full licensed  version 3.4

    The cable used is XW2Z-200P-V ( D25 to D9) the pins are 1-1, 2-2,3-3,(D25 6&20;4&5 jumped) ( D9 4&6 ;7&8 jumped)

    The host link card front SW is SW1=0;SW2=1;SW3=5 and SW4=2.  Back DIPSW is 1 ,2 4 OFF and 3 ON CTS 0V( I tried CTS position also). I believe the cable is ok,may the problem is the SW set up's,could you help or indicate how I could straight this out? Any literature reference is very welcome.  

    Thank you