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  1. Just a point to add that I don't see mentioned here. These batteries do not recharge. Once they're dead they stay that way. 
  2. UL 508A specifically covers control panels built for sale in the US.
  3. Rockwell BootP DHCP Tool

    Hi all,  Having issues with the above.  It's seeing items MAC addresses, allows me to set required IP addresses but then will not let me service a disable dhcp command.  It's the newest version I think (V3.01.00) Running on win 7 if that makes a difference.  Not a huge issue as all I've been doing is using an older version on a different VM to set IP addresses. More an inconvenience. Just wondering if people have had similar issues, googling this version hasn't shed any light on the issue.
  4. Rockwell BootP DHCP Tool

    Hmmm, I did one the other week straight from the USB.  New project to download and test, firmware was updated over the USB. 
  5. Rockwell BootP DHCP Tool

    I've found the USB ports on the newer processors to be a god send.  Shame they don't have similar on the remote I/O header modules yet. 
  6. Rockwell BootP DHCP Tool

    The new TIA V14 isn't all that bad, the SCADA/HMI package I find far more intuitive to use than rockwells ME/SE
  7. Rockwell BootP DHCP Tool

    Hi Dan,  I've done it that way round in the past too.  Just a pain as I never had any issues with older versions. Seems someone at Rockwell likes introducing bugs.     
  8. Factory Talk view ME and SE

    ME - Used for HMIs SE - SCADA applications
  9. TIA Portal HMI Button Not working

    Have you added the same tag in the HMI as well as the PLC? 
  10. American terminology MCC build.

    For anyone also looking for this. UL Document 845 covers it. 
  11. We have had an enquiry from a customer in Atlanta GA. They require what we would describe as a Form 4 MCC. (A panel with individual compartments for each motor starter). I’m unsure of the American terminology for Form 4, so googling information is proving difficult. I was wondering if anyone can point me to any regulations these may fall under outside of UL508, I’m currently at tendering side and don’t want to fall foul. We do design and build quite a lot of Form 2 panels for sale in the US, so knowledge of the circuit design isn't an issue. I know in the UK that form 4 has a different set of rules around it. 
  12. The pics aren't compatible with anything newer than XP SP2, confirmed by rockwell.  I have had them working with a serial to USB adapter but it was hit an miss on what brand worked and didn't. 
  13. Software version: TIA Portal V13 SP1 Update 5 PLC: S7-1515 Currently monitoring two Double words within seperate DB's to trigger an an output. On compilation I get the error "The address is not occupied by a tag" The code works, and downloads fine. My OCD isn't liking the fact I've got errors though. Is there another way of doing this that won't cause the error? (Please ignore the glaring spelling error haha)  
  14. Address not occupied by a tag - TIA

    I haven't found one myself, was hoping someone had stumbled across one. 
  15. Monitor alarm block

    What populates the bits of MW100? Why are you trying to convert it from a BCD to an integer?
  16. Address not occupied by a tag - TIA

    Yes Step 7 classic relied more on direct addressing rather than tag based addressing like TIA.  I had thought about doing that, was just wondering if I had missed something glaringly obvious. TIA seems to have that many tick box's hidden here there and everywhere. 
  17. Monitor alarm block

    Something like this? Not sure on your alarm application. Are you just wanting to trigger a bit? Link to the alarms on a HMI?   
  18. Address not occupied by a tag - TIA

    There doesn't seem to be anywhere I can assign a label. Unless I am over looking it. 
  19. FX3G Analog input

    Gents I realize this is probably a most basic question. I have 2 analog inputs on a FX3G CPU I wish to utilize with 4-20mA inputs, where do I see these values in the PLC? I'm a Siemens/Rockwell bloke normally so Mitsubishi Is entirely new to me. Software being used is GX works 2.
  20. FX3GE

    The FX3GE is a CPU I'm currently working with. I agree on the instructions not being the best. From what I can tell, the CPU comes with 2 AI built in, I seem to remember reading that this CPU will only accept 4 AI inputs. Don't hold me to that, I've been thrown very much in the deep end this week with Mitsubishi. I'm sure some of the more knowledgeable members on here will correct me.
  21. FX3G Analog input

    Compared to Siemens and Bradley, Mitsubishi doesn't seem very intuitive. I suppose it's what you get used to.
  22. FX3G Analog input

    Ok, found the tiny part in the manual D8280 is channel 1, D8281 is channel 2. When M8280 is ON = Current input OFF = Voltage input When M8281 is ON = Current input OFF = Voltage input
  23. GS2107-WTBD HMI Gt Designer 3

    I've created a project for the above HMI in GT designer 3, it's created a .gt32 file. This file is not recognized by the Melsoft Navigator program, is there something I need to download to get it to be recognized? I ask because I'm not sure how to set up comms between the HMI and the current PLC I'm using (FX3GE). I'm using GX works 2 to program the PLC. Is there a way of setting comms between the HMI thorough GT designer and GX works without using melsoft navigator?
  24. GS2107-WTBD HMI in GT Works 3 V1.19

    Problem solved, completely uninstalled GT Developer, then ran the GS installer.exe. I can now choose that HMI as an option. Thanks for the help.
  25. First post on here, I have done some searching and can't find an answer to my problem. I'm trying to start a project in GT Works 3 V1.19, with a 7" HMI (Part No GS2107-WTBD), there is no option to use this HMI in the software. I originally assumed I was using outdated software, after visiting 'my mitsubishi' i found I am using the most current version. So my next line of thought was, that because this is a fairly new released HMI that I must just have to download a GSD file, after searching the Mitsubishi download section, I couldn't find anything there either. Am I missing something obvious?