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  1. Unit Verify Error

    okay, thanks bro
  2. Unit Verify Error

    how to find out the i/o card problem with take a look at special register?? and know thats address 130 & 140 problem
  3. Unit Verify Error

    hi everyone, can you hel me... (urgent please) i have been using plc mitsubisi A3N and i newbie on that plc, so i have trouble in field. All module card Digital Output turned off but module card Digital Input still on. i see at cpu display "unit verify err.", i am reset cpu plc with a key, DO module card became turn on again (normal). before i reset cpu plc, i am monitor special register from D9116 to D9123, i found a error, but i dont know whats wrong?? Module card or program?? sorry for my bad english