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    So no-one on this forum is from NE indiana, Fort Wayne area, and looking for a job?

    Kaiser_will Thanks for the reply, main justification is two fold.  One is that the SLC's and all of the 3rd party hardware are all legacy items that are no longer supported.  Two is that our 'main' batching PLC is a 5/05 and is maxed out as far as memory goes so we are not able to add anything to this system and with the growth of our business that just isnt good enough, i have to be able to have the ability to add new code, sub-systems, etc. to this batch PLC.  I considered your option, but problem is all of the 3rd party hardware connected to that batch PLC are now legacy products, i.e. Parker 24/36/48 slot solenoid valve banks on DeviceNet.  Parker won't support any of these products and our attempts to replace the Parker banks on DeviceNet with offerings like Turck, Murr, etc. have been unsuccessful and very expensive.  Money isn't the issue here and i have reached out to some local controls groups for assistance, but i always like to hear what the rest of the controls community has to say on this.  Plan now is to complete a engineering study with an outside controls group and move forward based off of those findings.

    If you live in Northeast Indiana and you or someone you know of is looking for an entry level process controls engineer position please let me know asap.  Thanks.

    OK, I will post this to the group for some feedback and thanks in advance.  So in my plant we currently have several different AB SLC's that interface with WonderWare on the HMI side.  There is pretty much every network communication protocol that AB made in this plant.  ControlNet, DeviceNet, RIO, Flex/EX, ....  Along with that all of the old 1336 drives will be going to PowerFlex, along with alot of other 3rd party legacy equipment that all needs upgraded as well.  Point of this project is to go from SLC's to a ControLogix platform and all ethernet/IP, along with upgrading all of our 3rd party hardware, i.e. scales, outside comm's , etc.  I might point out that no PLC code will be added, only the transition from SLC to CLX.   My thought process as you can see is to stay with AB on the PLC side and stay with WonderWare on the HMI side.  If you think I should go a different direction please I am all ears.  I have roughly a year to perform this upgrade and more then enough capital set aside as well.  Thanks again.
  5. PLC Tag Creation

    I highly recommend AGAINST indirect addressing!  It is a pain in the butt to troubleshoot from a technician or maintenance perspective, not going down the path of indirect addressing will save you a lot of time, headaches and getting called everything under the sun the comes after you to work on that code.