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  1. GX-Developer 8 Trial Version

    Is there anyone want to get a trial version of GX-DEV 8, Let me know
  2. iQ Works Q & A

    Is there any webpage to upgrade my GXW2?
  3. Chinese Made S7-200 "CN"

    Yes, if you want to use a CPU22X CN you have to switch to Chinses language, it's was told by Siemens Chinese home page, it's seemed 10% cheaper than normal version
  4. GX simulator 6 trial version

    904-999559933 it's the only SN can be used for Melsoft trial software, you can fing it in the mitsubishi office website
  5. CX-Programmer 4.0 Released

    CX-Programmer 4.0 Released
  6. What's the SYSMAC ID

    Yes, The CX-P 4 Japanese Version has been released, if you are a Japanese, you can ask for a Trial CD. オムロンFAサポートソフトの最新バージョンCX-ProgrammerVer.4のお試しCD-ROM(無料)をご用意いたしました。CX-Programmerのほか、CX-Simulator,CX-Protocol,CX-Motion,CX-Position,CX-Process,NS-Designer,DeviceNetコンフィグレータの計8種の最新ソフトウェアを1枚のCD-ROMでお届けいたします。 ※お試し版は30日の使用期限がございます。 In fact, you can update your software by the OMRON FA Japanese site. Such as CX-Programmer 3.3, CX-Simulator 1.4 etc. but the site only open for Japanese users. so I often update my software in other omron site
  7. What's the SYSMAC ID

    Hi! Is there anyone tell me what's the SYSMAC ID. What's the relation between SN and SYSMAC ID THX
  8. Medoc File Format

    Which program software are you used?
  9. starter needs help

    For A-CPU like SIMATIC S7-300, A series PLCs are structured by many difference modules. So there are many kinds of software for them. for Basic Program: Windows:GX-Developer (Last Version 8.12N)/GX-IEC-Developer 6.0SP1 DOS:GPPA If you need a Soft-Simulator: GX-Simulator (Last Version 6.18U) If you have a Position Module such as AD75 ect.: GX-Cofigrator AD75P there ate 12 kinds GX-Cofigrators for differnce modules used in A or Q PLC. If you want to build a link between PLC and PC with VB or Delphi etc. MX-Component (Last Version 3.04E) for Excel: MX-Sheet (Last Version 1.02C) for Manual Download: visit Mitsubishi German website
  10. What's the SYSMAC ID

    Sorry for unclear question I means that I find OMRON use two ID system to indetify the products, one is SYSMAC ID, another is SN, I don't know the reason. THX
  11. Another way is using OPC, it's one of the best solutions, and the cost saving method, because many companies supply the OPC packages for Melsoft
  12. In fact, the FX communication protocol is opened, you just need the manual . then you can setup a point to point link between FX and PC the MX Component is a good choice to do your work, you can get a Demo of Version 3 from Mitsubishi. Good Luck
  13. Serial Number

    Hi! You just need input DEMO in the SN input field. Good Luck!

    I don't think it's a good idea, if you flash the BIOS, you will lost the the Tech and Maint. Support. It's pity, Mitsubishi sales their software with the seperate language pakage. That means you have to order a English verion. The best way is ask the notebook manufactuer for a keyboard solution, ask the supplier for a version solution
  15. After that you have to install WinCC CD2# SQL Server 2003 for WinCC

    It's a bad thing for you to get a notebook from Janpan, is the keyboard Japanses? If yes, you have to use the Japanses Win XP.because it's to hard to find the driver for Jap keyboard.even the BIOS is Jap If not, you can reinstall the Win XP with you language, then you need order GX-Developer again, remember you need GX-Developer 7.21 or later which supports the OS XP. Another way is that ask the supplier to exchange it to a internl standard notebook with Eng version GX-Dev. otherwise you'll find it's very trouble to use Jap product
  17. You can use Rockwell RSTraining software to learn what you need Good Luck
  18. Upgrade Problems

    Did anyone meet some problems when you upgrade your CX-Programmer 3.01 to 3.2 or 3.3, everytime I met the problem about the CX-Server error, hintting me some files are using THX
  19. Mitsubishi Llt

    the best way is update your software to GX Developer 7 and GX Simulator 6, they will work well under Win2K and XP Good Luck!