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  1. Cx Programmer Conection

    I have USB-RS232 (vivanco/Serial Twin-Tower modul) works fine with CJ1MCPU22 and HP omnibook xe4400/Win2000 Pro. It didn't work manually with conficured project, but i was earliyer testet that PLC with desktop COM1. I don't know what that test done to PLC settings. After then I selected PLC->Auto Online with correct COM2 and it found with correct PLC-type and everything. Prolific USB-to-Serial Bridge (COM2) have set earlier under Device manger under Computer manager under Adminstrative Tools (Under Control Panel).
  2. MPI Serial Communication Protocol

    MPI is Multi Point Interface. In S7, MPI not use Profibus protocol? When using Profibus-DB for programming, it uses MPI-protocol inside the ProfibusDB protocol. ?? PPI is point to point Interface for RS232C ? So is it the same ? Could be ?
  3. incremental encoder

    Usually Counter-units are 'expencive'. If you don't have any need for fast counting, use digital Inputs and save your money.
  4. incremental encoder

    1'st draw the channels 'pulses' cahannel A above and Channel B under it as 90 deg offset. 2n'd go from left to right and when B goes up take one-shot for it. If Channel A is true, you are going to fwd. then go from right to left and when B goes up take one-shot for it. If Channel A is false, you are going to rev. Now you have one shot/pulse for both direction. Think more! You can do 2 shots/pulse and you can do 4 shots/pulse-cycle indeed for both direction. So if you have encoder f.e. 20 impulses/round, you can get 80 shots/round and you have 4 times preciser resolution !
  5. SCL Array of Struct?

    I dont know SCL, but in s7-manager you can do UDT-structs and use them in DBs as in C++. Key-Word is UDT. :*-(
  6. ACad Drawing to MC-421 G-code download

    I try tell you more what I 'm hunting. What CX-Motion excatly do, when it downloads G-code to MC via PLC ? I like, that my VB-application can send G-code to MC via PLC.. with same cable-connection..
  7. Simple S5 Programming Problem

    L (thumweel-byte) L KM 0000 0000 00001111 UW or AW T (temp) L (thumweel-byte) L KM 0000 0000 11110000 UW or AW L KF +10 XF L (temp) +F T (integer)
  8. Profibus DP with ABB inverter

    Key-word is ACS550 User manual and for PROFIBUS Adapter Module, Installation and Start-up Guide. For ACS400 only ?? I don't have exp. with ACS550 but ACS400 and NPBA-12 adapter. There have to build sequence for DB-connection 1'st were ware one timer ! After that you can read/write Peripherial words for DB-Node directly without any FC-routine by anybody.
  9. ACad Drawing to MC-421 G-code download

    I can produce G-code from Auto-Cad drawing file. After that translation I need download G-code to MC-421 for using. There is PC closely connected to CS1-plc for PLC-programming by CX-Programmer ect. and this translation VBasic-application is in the same PC. What can I do next for it ?
  10. Display Barcode Scanned with Omron

    Trigging via RS232C could be impossible. It is not supported by the Sick, so you must trig by Digital Output-relay/opto.
  11. Symbol For Vfd

    Generally, if symbol is missing, draw something and write 'VFD' or 'Pressure Switch' or what ever ! Main thing is suppress missunderstanding.
  12. Event Timing

    System do it for you: starttime = S:4, ellapsed time = S:4 - starttime ? Use as many varible as needed for S:4 regisry contents, I don't know it.
  13. Supervisor to sql server

    Opinion only ! For SQL database use VB or C++ applications with OLE-DB ActiveX controls and OPC-Server for PLC. Use SCADA for animations and control with any PLC.
  14. Allen bradley is going to buy omron..?

    Maybe... some day... MicroSoft buy them all..