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  1. Send Email from PLC( CJ2H-CPU64-EIP)

    The parameters that are being changed can be accessed at the HMI ( NS10 and NS8 ) both using ethernet connectivity. Basically if for example someone changes the allowable tolerance for a press force or distance i need to make the management aware of the change.
  2. Send Email from PLC( CJ2H-CPU64-EIP)

    No SCADA attached to the PLC.
  3. Send Email from PLC( CJ2H-CPU64-EIP)

    Good Afternoon Everyone, I know this topic of Sending an Email from a PLC has been touched on before: I have been tasked with trying to send email from a CJ2H-CPU64-EIP. I want to know if that is even possible or if there is a better route such as SMS. I need to be able to alert the right people when a certain set of parameters changes. It can be slightly generic as a message but i need to include the person whom actually did the change ( that comes from RFID Badge Login ). Any Ideas please let me know or Send an example. Thank you Ahead of time for any help.
  4. Connections and Modbus

    Do you have pin 4/5 on PLC side wired? Try to jump them at PLC side.
  5. Connections and Modbus

    Jay, thanks for reply. I am using pin 9 as signal ground. I have tried a few different configurations and still no reply.
  6. Connections and Modbus

    All, I am trying to use a new item (MicroADM from CWT) that requires rs485 to rs232 connection to pc or whatever needs to communicate at that end(the unit has the converter connected inline). I am trying to connect the unit to a CJ1W-SCU21-V1. The programming that I am using is the the ModbusPM v5 that I downloaded here. I need to be able to read the coils(func 01) and registers(func 03). If i do a trace on the Protocol Macro Software I can see that I am sending the correct message but I get no return message or response. I am not sure is it is my cable pinout. If I connect my usb to rs232 to the 485 to 232 convertor I can get connected with Multiway( modbus) and send the same message but i get a response. My wiring for this is attached. any help will be much apreciated Thanks