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  1. How can i print the Alarm History in E1101 HMI?

    Thanks it's working
  2. E1101 touch panel can not display

    Dear, Please follow the step given below 1>Power OFF the HMI and remove HMI battery. 2>Power ON the HMI and Check the display screen If screen is still not getting then that's hardware problem.
  3. Dear, How can i print the Alarm History in E1101 HMI? i don't want to print individual alarms when it active but i have to print bunch of alarms when i want. HMI: E1101 Printer: EPSON E300+ PLC:FX3U Servo Hunts
  4. I used d FX3U-32MT PLC with Structured programming in GXW2. Pls explain following 1> How can i used 1msec timer intrupt in Structured programming? 2> How can i configured multiple subroutine(i.e. CALL function) in single POU?
  5. Dear All, How can i use "multiple CALL" function in same POU & "1msec timer interrupt" in GX Works2? Regards Servo_Hunts
  6. How can i set the FR-A700 VFD parameter in MT Works2 with Q173D cpu?
  7. Dear, How can i set the FR-A700 VFD parameter in MT Works2 with Q173D cpu? Is it possible to set the all VFD parameters without hardware?
  8. Dear All, Is it possible to use label in GT1000 Series? I used the GXW2 and GTD3 in my project. For ex.i used "temp" variable in plc.can i define the same variable in GTD3 directy(i.e.without using PLC built in Devices)?
  9. Is it possible to perform positioning control by FR-A740-**** vfd via SSCNET III (FX3U-20SSC-H)? Hardware Details: FX-3U-16MT FX3U-20SSC-H FR-A740-**** VFD FR-A7-AP FR-A7-NS MR-J3-40B SERVO
  10. Dear All, Is it possible to Torque Control for Winder in MR-J3-B Servo with QD75-MH2? Servo_Hunts
  11. PLC(FX3U)-inverter(D700) Modbus too slow connection

    Dear, > increase the baudrate..... > change the DC bake related parameter i.e,Pr.10,11&12. > Use of brake resistor is advantage in ur application. > Use creep speed > Use high speed compare instruction in PLC and stop the drive through interupt generated by high speed comparison ins.
  12. Dear All, Can i used Servo Motor(any mitsubishi make) with Variable Freq. Drive(FR-A740 Series)? !!!!!!! Forgot about application..!!!!!!! Thanks
  13. Programing cable & software for FX2-64MS Triac Output PLC

    Dear, i have a GX Developer software ver. 8.91V,but in plc type FX2 option not display so which version i have to used. thanks Servo_hunts
  14. Dear All, Which Programing cable & software i needed for FX2-64MS Triac Output PLC programing? Servo_Hunts