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  1. s7 300 313c

    Thanx Gixramones, this info has helped, confirms my initial diagnosis. We need to get a 'Prommer' to format & reprogram MMC. bye
  2. s7 300 313c

  3. s7 300 313c

    Hi, I'm new here & fairy new to s7 problem solving. My system is a s7 300 313c connected to multiple Lenze 9300 servo's & vector drives, on our op7 we have got a 'ram memory failure' error after experiencing a general power failure & reboot of system. My initial thought was the s7 backup battery was faulty, Siemans informed us that there is no backup battery. I noticed that someone remarked about a battery failure. Our s7 has a MMC card, please help! thanx