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  1. Remote Modem Access to SLC

    I need to connect to an SLC on a remote site via a modem. I know that AB market a dedicated modem for connection between the DF1 port and a standard telephone line, the "RADKIT" I believe it is called. My problem is that there is no PSTN line in the vacinity of the PLC, and as such, I would imagine that using a GSM (mobile) modem would be my only option. Does anyone have any experiences or suggestions of what equipment would be required for this solution? The PLC is an SLC 5/03 with the DF1 port free to use and a connection to the DH485 network available Regards
  2. Quadriga Software

    I've been handed a disk containing a PLC program for a Siemens S5 processor that was written using "Quadriga" software I do not have a copy of this software in order to open it, print, and redo in step5. Sadly the PLC has died hence no upload using step 5. Question is, has anyone used or is familiar with the software? Is it still available? Free or to purchase? I've done a quick search but have so far drawn a blank. Any advice would be appreciated Cheers
  3. Klockner Moeller PS3

    I have come across an old Klockner Moeller PS3 plc installed on a site and do not have any software or lead to communicate with it. What lead and software is required? Are the above still available to buy/download? Is there someone who has the required equipment who could extract the program for us (UK Midlands), so we can replace with a new? Any help is appreciated Regards
  4. C200 HG Connection Question

    New to Omron so please forgive the ignorance! I am booked to do some fault finding on a machine containing an Omron C200HG plc, need to make sure I've got everything before going to site! I have a copy of CX programmer and a serial lead I used on an old omron CVM1 plc. Am I correct in thinking that the C200HG also has a serial port or am I in need of any special interface adapters? Regards
  5. C200 HG Connection Question

    The customer has now sent me a copy of the PLC code prior to me going on site, trying to open this with syswin and it tells me that the file is corrupt, try to convert it using cx programmer and the program hangs after a few minutes Can anyone open this file and tell me what I'm doing wrong! I've not got much hair left! Cheers 1511_V2.SWP
  6. C200 HG Connection Question

    My apologies, I misread the details. It is in fact a C200HG CPU43 - from what you've said above this one has an RS232 serial port yes?
  7. C200 HG Connection Question

    The model is a C200HG CPU53, which, as you have said above will then require the use of the CPM1-CIF01 adapter. I have done a quick search on this model, but all the documentation refers to is for the CPM1 PLC, and likewise I can find no reference to the CPM1-CIF01 in the C200 manuals! Now I'm more confused! Any further advice is welcome Regards
  8. Flow Integration using RSView

    I need a solution for a current RSView project to integrate an instantaneous flow into a cumulative flow total. The instantaneous flow is derived from a device tag in litres per second. I would like to integrate this into a total flow periodically, e.g. every minute. At the end of the day the total is moved to "storage" tag and then reset to zero. I had the idea of running an event every minute and using derived tags to do the math. It seems somewhat long winded. Does anyone know of a simpler solution, perhaps using VB? (There are no reporting add-ins or other extra's on this system) Cheers
  9. Mitsubishi A0J2 series

    You can connect any of the Mitsubishi (Beijers) touchscreens (E615 or E910) to the RS422 port of the processor. The older GOT terminals can use this rs422 port also, and I believe that some of the GOT terminals offer an interface direct to the backplane expansion port
  10. Melsec H Mode Fault Question

    The next thing I would suggest would either be: Completely clear the CPU memory and download the program again, possible corruption of memory areas? maybe unlikely but a low cost option Replace the backplane, if there is a fault on the backplane this could throw up a hardware fault Replace the CPU, if all else has drawn a blank, could be the only option left. BTW, have you spoken to your local Mitsubishi tech support yet? Have they had any ideas?
  11. OPC Driver for SattControl PLC

    I am looking for an OPC driver that will allow me to connect an existing RSView32 system to SattControl PLC's The PLC's are AlfaLaval (now ABB) SattCon15's using the COMLI communication protocol. If anyone knows of where to purchase one of these drivers at a reasonable cost I'd be pleased to know. Even better - if I could be lent a copy for "evaluation" purposes....
  12. Melsec H Mode Fault Question

    From the GX Developer Help: Error code list[Error code 3101] Error code(SD0) 3101 Error message LINK PARA. ERROR Common information(SD5-15) File name/ drive name Individual information(SD16-26) Parameter number LED status(RUN) Off LED status(ERROR) Flicker PLC operating state Stop Diagnostics timing At power ON/Reset/, STOP -> RUN Error description & cause (1) The link refresh range exceeded the file register capacity. (2) When the station number of the MELSECNET/H module is 0, the inter-PLC network parameter setting has been made. (3) When the station number of the MELSECNET/H module is other than 0, the remote master parameter setting has been made. (4) The network No. specified by a parameter is different from that of the actually mounted network. (5) The head I/O No. specified by a parameter is different from that of the actually mounted I/O unit. (6) The network class specified by a parameter is different from that of the actually mounted network. (7) The network refresh parameter of the MELSECNET/H, MELSECNET/10 is out of the specified area. Corrective action (1) Change the file register file for the one that enables entire range refresh. (2) Correct the type or station number of the MELSECNET/H module in the parameter to meet the used system. (3) Check the network parameters and mounting status, and if they differ, match the network parameters and mounting status. If any network parameter has been corrected, write it to the CPU module. (4) Confirm the setting of the number of extension stages of the extension base units. (5) Check the connection status of the extension base units and connectors. When a display device is connected to the main base unit or extension base unit, check the connection status. (6) If the error occurs after the above checks 1) to 3) have been made, it suggests a hardware fault. Therefore, change the faulty module. Alternatively, contact your nearest Mitsubishi representative. You say that you have checked the refresh setting of all the other PLC's, have you checked the physical connections of the cards? Next step would be to do as step 6 advises, try a new card.... It may be cheaper to move the suspected faulty card into another PLC and see if the fault follows the card or stays with the CPU
  13. Changing textcolor in RSView display

    Another way to do a multistate indicator in RSView 32 is to use a "string" display using an expression i.e. if your_tag = 1 then "State 1 text" else if your_tag = 2 then "State 2 text" else "state 0 text" You can make it change colour by adding animation to the colour of the string using similar expressions
  14. Melsec PLC to ML1500 conversion

    Can you advise of which Melsec PLC? Fx, A etc? Which registers? M, D or both? There are many manuals posted on this site which may help, i.e. if you are looking for the registers of an Fx PLC, look for the FX programming manual in the downloads section
  15. Password For A2u

    It does work..... Same principle, you just need to look a bit further into the numbers....
  16. Fx / Mac Questions

    To use transparent mode on the MAC 50 it must be enabled in the HMI project. For this you will need the programming software (yes this is MPP) which I still believe that you have to pay for. If you have the patience, you can program the HMI from the keypad, you do not need the software for this. Make sure that the communication parameters are set the same for the PLC, HMI and transparent mode. Connect to the HMI using the standard CAB5 HMI lead (or make one up) and ensure that transparent mode is selected in GX developer.
  17. Activation To Usb

    it is in the downloads section
  18. Panelview Programs

    What type of PV are you using? PV550, 1000 etc? What type of processor?
  19. Klockner Moeller PS3

    Well, this was some time ago. Yes, I did get it sorted, I called in an engineer from Klockner who uploaded the code and printed it off for me. He also left me a copy of the application software for free as it is obsolete, but didn't leave me the expensive and unobtainable comms lead that you need
  20. Fx2n Time Clock

    Use the TRD function (time read) to move the time values into data registers that you need e.g. ---[TRD D10] This will move the time and date values into D10 thru D16 D8018 Year 00-99 D10+0 Year D8017 Month 01-12 D10+1 Month D8016 Date 01-31 D10+2 Date D8015 Hours 00-23 D10+3 Hours D8014 Minutes 00-59 D10+4 Minutes D8013 Seconds 00-59 D10+5 Seconds D8019 Day 0-6 (Sun-Sat) D10+6 Day Setting the time use time write TWR Chapter 5.14 - real time clock control, in the FX Programming manual II gives further guidance
  21. Controllogix Configuration

    For connection of extension racks, ControlNet is the preferred option as the backplane is classed as a "controlNet" backplane. Usual solution is to use a CNB module in each rack and connect with the proprietary cables. There is no limit to the number of racks that you can connect on controlnet, only limit is the number of connections in the processor
  22. Users Manual Toshiba

    Go to Toshiba's website select, catagory=PLC's, Product family=Legacy, Download Type=Manuals
  23. Meau Price List?

    Larry Price list for which country??
  24. If you have GX Developer, you can import the old medoc files into GX and print them. Other way is to open the PRN file in notepad and print it
  25. Sattcontrol

    From my limited experience with Sattcontrols, you may be struggling. If I remember correctly, the Satt's will talk only one external protocol which is "COMLI", and I don't think that Siemens support this protocol. How much data do you want to exchange? If it's just several words or so, you may get away with using an HMI as a data exchange unit. An HMI such as the Mitsubishi / Beijers E100 is a good starting point, it is very cheap and has two serial ports which you can do data exchange through, use one port on the COMLI protocol and the other on the SIMATIC protocol