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  1. fatek send data

    Hi i would like send data from plc fatek ( fbs-20ma , and fps-cb22)to another device , another device don't reply just receive  ,could you help please
  2. q series modbus

    i have mitsubishi plc Q08udeh  , cpu contain Ethernet port , i would like read register via modbus , is cpu ethernet port support modbus tcp/ip , and the register modbus address
  3. hi what is the programming cable for vt2-7sb keyence hmi
  4. urgent "nt20m"

    thanks for your quick reply . i will try and feed back
  5. urgent "nt20m"

    hi i have nt20m omron screen . i want upload the program by using NTSS233 software . NTSS233 is DOS vesion when i opened it i cannot see any icon to transfer data please help
  6. moeller ps4

    hi i have plc moeller ps4-151-mm1 i want upload program from cpu to my pc , pls tell me how ?
  7. nt31c to ns series

    hi i have nt631c nt tiuch panel which connecting to plc omron type c200h , i want replace it with one of ns series , any type of ns suugest , which aslo compatabile with c200h plc

    hi thanks for your replies , i used test mode of cx designer before . i want to try ns runtime , to take buy dicision or not.

    hi any one have NS-RUNTIME software demo or trial version
  10. clk21

    thanks for your reply , but when make backup of my plc give me different files for cpu and clk21 , i will be re-read manual again
  11. clk21

    hii , i have plc omron cj1m which connect to conroller link to communicate with another plc , i ask about where restored datlink configure , on cpu or on controller link
  12. cqm1h download error

    hi cpu correctly work before , there was memory card mounting but , i remove it and I set dep switch 2 off
  13. cqm1h download error

    hi i have plc omron cqm1h , when download new program on cpu , setting do not download and error alarm lit , after turn power off and on again cpu goes to run but program not execute correctly why ??? :shrug:
  14. cqm1h cpu error

    hi thanks for your reply , but i tried to connect plc with cx programmer but i can not :helpme:
  15. cqm1h cpu error

    hi i have plc omron cqm1h , cp21 , due to input short circuit, plc goes to stop and error lamp turned on , how can fixed this trouble :shrug: