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  1. omron data

    Kcor, We have a video on our YouTube channel highlighting how easy it is to configure a web based application. It demonstrates creating an application and publishing it to a web browser. Since you already mentioned InduSoft SCADA software in a previous post, I thought it technically relevant and not beyond "commercial" guidelines of this forum. If you do have questions, please feel free to contact us directly. Scott Kortier Marketing Communications Manager InduSoft, Inc.

    Mogens, To get values from the PLC (inverter) into InduSoft you must first select a driver. Then configure a driver worksheet. The driver worksheet is the place that PLC tags are associated to InduSoft tags. I looked at the documentation for the 7300CV and it appears to use Modbus via RS-485. It also looks to communicate other protocols but Modbus should be the most simple. Once you have installed the Modbus driver (named MODBU in InduSoft) into your application (found on the "Comm" tab), you will need to choose the Main Driver Sheet or Standard Driver sheet. The easiest is Main Driver Sheet. Here you will enter the InduSoft tag, then the station address of the PLC, then the I/O address within the PLC. The format of the I/O address will be something like 4x:1 (this is the same as holding register 400001), or 0x:1 (this is the same as coil 000001). You should be able to find a memory map in the TECO documentation After this step is complete you can use the InduSoft tag and (assuming you have good communications) it will represent the value from the PLC tag. Hope this helps. If you need further assistance, please contact InduSoft directly at Scott Kortier Marketing Communications Manager InduSoft, Inc.
  3. Indusoft Trending

    ECSI, I think I have some good news for you. The current version of IWS (v6.1+SP6) allows you to change the orientation of the Trend Control from Horizontal to Vertical. Just follow the steps below: Double-click on the Trend Control (on the development environment) to launch the Object Properties window Click on the Axes button to launch the Axes dialog. Click on the Position button and then select the option “Vertical” (instead of “Horizontal”) from the Orientation box. Hope this helps. Scott Kortier Marketing Communications Mgr. InduSoft
  4. Wireless 3G Router and CP1

    ECSI, There are places within InduSoft Web Studio that you can reconfigure IP addresses from within the runtime. Here are some ideas: 1. If you are trying to change the IP address of the PLC within the driver worksheet, you can use something like this: {IPTestAddress}:9600:1:2 in station field of the driver worksheet. Here the tag “IPTestAddress” would be a string representing the IP Address (note that it has to be in curly braces). I haven't tried this as I don't have your same model of PLC, but I was able to enter it into the field, and it allowed me to save the sheet. 2. If that router supports SNMP, there are tools within InduSoft to manage networks. 3. If you are trying to use InduSoft as a Web Thin Client you can dynamically change the configuration using the function, "SetWebConfig" 4. If this doesn't go too far beyond your security measures, you could place an ActiveX browser on the screen and open up the web configuration interface for the router. Have you tried to contact InduSoft technical support? Good luck in your project! Skortier
  5. Monitor PLC through iPhone

    Carbonat, Without knowing your exact network configuration, I can say "highly likely" InduSoft Web Studio could be setup on a central PC, in a control room or other "safe place", connect to the remote PLCs wirelessly and then send the data, via the SMA feature to the iPhone. If you are not stuck with the iPhone and simply looking for remote functionality, InduSoft has a package called InduSoft CEView, that will run on Windows Mobile (Windows CE) phones and could wirelessly connect to the PLCs (via routers, etc.) and not need the central PC. This way you wouldn't be locked into a single hardware vendor, or single mobile services company. Hope this helps. skortier
  6. Monitor PLC through iPhone

    Carbonat, There is a new feature in InduSoft Web Studio version 6.1 Service Pack 5 that supports any relatively recent browser, including the iPhone. The feature is called Studio Mobile Access or SMA. SMA supports viewing and optionally interacting with tags (process variables), alarms with the option of acknowledgement (with option of adding ack comments, for continuing support of 21 CFR Part 11 application creation). It is not graphical, but is very quick and easy to setup. You are correct, the graphical screen remote viewing of InduSoft (usually called Web Thin Client) will not work on the iPhone as it does require ActiveX support. Even the lowest tag count package of InduSoft Web Studio comes with 1 license of each Web Thin Client and SMA. Each license is for the number of concurrent users. SMA does support login security too. Hope this helps. Skortier
  7. Something Old...

    Bob, You wouldn't be looking for "Unity" from Schneider would you? Skortier InduSoft

    Andyhill, InduSoft has a package that fits what you are looking for: 1. A 150 tag count license that is priced very well. 2. Can communicate to Controllogix without any additional cost. InduSoft has a built in driver for Controllogix (Ethernet/IP), and unless you need OPC for some other device, you would not need the additional OPC server. If you did need it, InduSoft can easily import tags from the OPC server, no need to re-type. (Saving you further time!) 3. Your main systems are WonderWare, (I am assuming InTouch), InduSoft can communicate back to WonderWare in several ways (if necessary). 4. InduSoft is quick and easy to install, and can easily be remotely administered, at no additional cost. An InduSoft trial version can be downloaded here: Some items to consider: If you use a free (or extremely cheap) package, will they be around when you need support? Where does the support for a free product come from? Good luck in your product search! Cheers. Skortier, InduSoft