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  1. Modsoft Installation

    You're right modsoft doesn't like microsoft virtual PC. I have installed a new virtual Dos PC but at this time with VM Ware. Now modsoft work fine without problem. Thank
  2. Modsoft Installation

    I'm using the virtual machine of microsoft. Microsoft Virtual PC
  3. Hi all, I'm trying to install modsoft 2.6 on a PC Virtual Machine with dos ver 6.22. There is no error message during the installation. When i'm trying to start Modsoft, i have this error message. Exception 14 AX=3006 BX=0BF@ CX=0278 DX=0000 SP=063E BP=0634 SI=2B4C DI=0BA2 DS=0010 ES=0010 SS=1A58 CS=0008 IP=24BB FLAGS=3006 ERROR=0002 Somebody knows why i have this message and what is the solution to resolve it. Thank