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  1. All blocks and hardware configuration disappear

    Propably a Step 7 version difference. I had a few years ago the same problems.
  2. Medoc Software

    With version of medoc you have. DOS, 1.64 or 2.30
  3. Transfert license

    Using the network transfer. Be sure the PC are in the same workgroup, then it is no problem to move the license key.
  4. Scada

    Or WinPLC Analyser from MJH Software http://www.mhj-software.com/de/ Regards,
  5. SCL Code

    Check the siemens examples installed with the scl program. regards

    Great stuff. Very very very fast. I have one on my desk for testing purposes. 100MB ethernet. Fully step 7 compatible. Try it, forget S.... See: www.speed7.com
  7. HMI, PLC?

    Normally a 405 CPU is fast. What protocol is used and type of terminal. Check the ligths on the CPU. Rx Tx. The ligth are unfortunately for all the three comm ports, so if more connected to the cpu disconeect it if possible. If you see receives and no transmits there is something wrong. Simple check.
  8. Remote controlled screen number

    You need to use an area pointer for this kind of operations. Check the manual for area pointers and one of them is to control the screen number.
  9. Chinese Made S7-200 "CN"

    You do not understand chinese?
  10. Siemens & Mitsubishi trough profibus

    Smart, posting the same issue twice. http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?showtopic=11386
  11. Siemens & Mitsubishi trough profibus

    I think mitsubishi must supply the gsd file. Otherwise try to google the product part number. Logics to ontrol the drive are not available from the internet. You need to read which control words/bits needs to be written in the drive to start/ramp. Propably the drive needs some configuration too.
  12. Please help

    Version 1.1 (?). I started in 1996 with PLCDirect PLC's but already with version 2. I think you need to upgrade to at least version 4.
  13. Data Block, Documentation

    Copy the entire data block in simatic manager or with the copy/paste functionality of windows. Select all the rows, copy and paste it in a new db.
  14. Protool to Wincc conversion

    But, always check to log file for problems or changes. Some functions (Area Pointers) are changed !!
  15. Protool to Wincc conversion

    Converting to wincc flexible 2005 id possible. From wincc, the user may open a protool project. It will be automatically converted (takes some time). After conversion check the log file because not all functionality is from protool is available or different in wincc.
  16. S400 & 300 PLC communications to a Mitsubishi PLC

    Mitsubishi had a few years ago only on modbus slave for an A series. Check this before engineering. Otherwise check the profibus card. I used a card once as master. It needs some programming before the card is working correctly. Modbus is much easier.
  17. S7-300 Master slave profibus dp communication

    Correct SFC14 and SFC15 are 32 bytes maximum. Just configure more than one 32 byte I/O and use more SFC14 and SFC15's. The maximum per slave is 240 bytes. If you have more data, use a multiplexer method. Pratically the only problem is the number of I/O of the processor. Otherwise use a CP342-5.
  18. S7-300 communication beetwen two CPU

    That is not possible with global data. But why not send 0 if condition is false and a value when condition is true.
  19. S7-300 communication beetwen two CPU

    If you have just a few data words I would prefer to use the global data option. You don't need any programming only configuring to communicate.
  20. S7-300 communication beetwen two CPU

    The easiest way is to connect two mpi ports and use the global data option. Without much programming you send and receive a few data words. Another option is to use the simatic communication blocks for mpi comms. Be careful with these functions. For larger applications and fast transfer use a 3152-dp and connect the profibus ports. With simatic sfc's, you have a fast and controlable network with error checking. But for a few data words and minor investmensts use global data. Regards
  21. TMR DL405

    Be aware of the fact that the TMRF function is using 2 timers. E.g. T100 is using T100 and T101.
  22. Need help with simple logic

    Use a MW as integer. On the rising edge of the input increase the integer with 1. In case the integer >=2 then integer =0 If integer = 0 then output =0 If integer = 1 then output =1 Or use a pulse with bit logic, otherwise you are in a loop. Good luck