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  1. GE FANUC 90-30 SERIES

    Is this a Ferry machine? If so you will need original program name.
  2. CC-Link IE Field basic master

    Not sure if suitable for your project but have you looked net decoder by frontline. fte.com it comes in various versions. Ray
  3. I have the following for sale. I would prefer to sell as a lot. I can send pics if there is any interest. EX40 + 20 IO Extension with 2 Unused output PCB for ext unit. 2 EX40 Plus PLC. Timer Counter access unit Operational. With 2 PCB with errors showing. Handheld Programmer (Squeekbox) excellent condition. CutlerHammer Original software with hardware dongle. Some spare parts, they were operational before I used for testing various functions. PM ME IF ANY INTEREST.
  4. PID Function block for FX3G

    I have used the PidFX_V300 library in GXWorks2 In the the FX3U FX3G and the FX3GE I am sure its available on the Mits Euro Site or it might be the Beijer site. There are various versions of Pid. Ray
  5. FX3u-enet-adp issues?

    Hi Dunc, I had the exact same problem, check the hardware version of the FX3U it has to be above a specific version to recognise the ENET-ADP (l/h side). The version number is in the manual and FX3U should be above 3.1 or you will need to use the FX3U-ENET on the r/h bus.
  6. FX2N-TC

    PT 100 and TC or thermocouple are two different items. TC can be piggy backed and As Nightfly points out you can't piggy back RTD (PT100) Some controllers can re-transmit.
  7. FX program for rewinding machine

    Richard? from experience most of these type machines have different setup parameters, my suspicion is that there have been changes given that the ROM has been removed. Can you confirm FX model? The ROM would have been the Manufacturers base program. Is it dancerbar/tension control?
  8. FX program for rewinding machine

    Hi Richard,  good luck and I wish you success, I assume you have no real pressure to get this working. If I can be of assistance contact me.   Ray
  9. FX program for rewinding machine

    Hi Richard, sorry can't help with a program from a similar machine but I have experience with winding and slitting machine and Plenty with Mitsubishi PLC. Contact me if I can be of assistance.   Ray
  10. Tenor Info

    Hi Steve this complete package was purchased by the business some more than a year ago and icludes all cable harnesses, PLC, PC and Software (PLC Code and HMI Interface). I would believe that any upgrade now would be to the RX3I as the 90-30 moves to Mature state. We have had discussions withe local agent. Not sure if ferry have upgraded there Code to the RX3I on these old machines.
  11. Tenor Info

    Can anyone direct me to Info on a Tenor 100-6-9002 ?? Any help would be appreciated, This unit is on a second hand Ferry Machine and which comes complete with an Upgrade package, PC, Screen and Fanuc 90-30 PLC. Client is trying to make a decision on upgrade.
  12. Tenor Info

    Thanks Crossbow, Ferry Industries are situated in Stow, Ohio and are big in this area and the upgrade is from Tenor to GE Fanuc 90-30 and that is my recomendation to the client and will require the Ferry Technicion, all the upgrade equipment is already there, just the knowhow of what is required.
  13. Export GX Works (FX2n-48mr) to CodeSys

    I use GXworks2, Panasonic FXwin Pro and Codesys and have a number of projects using these which are IEC compliant and I can assure you it is generally not possible to cross use. The closest I ever got was ABB Codesys to Klockner Mueller equivilent, about 60% import.
  14. FX3U-64DP, profibus missing slave

    I had a similar situation with the master and 8 ABB ACS 500 drives as long as all drives were active comms was okay if 1 drive was switched off comms was hit and miss to continue. Left all drives on and no problem, never did solve it. I was using IEC Developer and GX Configurator DP Sorry dont rember version numbers.
  15. As New Tester 4 Purchased by myself and used once. If there is any interest PM me to discuss. This unit comes with all documentation and carrying case. http://industrial.softing.com/en/products/network-diagnostics/commissioning-and-troubleshooting/profibus/profibus-tester-physical-installation-quality-and-protocol-analysis.html Ray
  16. Hi, I converted a FX2N project to FX3u, this had 8 real number calculations and produced the same error for each. Didn't matter what i did I could not remove the compile warning, however there was no impact on the operation. Using GX Works2 Ver 1.87R I believe.
  17. ethernet communication with pc

    I would also suggest the gateway should be but not normally required for direct ethernet connection
  18. ethernet communication with pc

    So you are You are using a Crossover Cable? This is required to talk direct to the screen from a PC a standard ethernet cable will not work. Have you enabled the Webserver in the settings?
  19. ethernet communication with pc

    Given that you have set the IP I assume you are using a Crossover cable between the PC and G306A ? I also assume you have enabled the Webserver?
  20. FX2n Cannot connect to PLC

    Thanks kaare_t the cable I was using at the time was an SC-03 as I remember (Number of years ago) Using SC-09 now and NEVER connect the shield wire. My reason for the comment was that PROG-E was the exact error with an FX1N and Mits Aust wanted about the price of a new unit for repair.
  21. FX2n Cannot connect to PLC

    What I can tell you is, that if you are using a standard comms port on a PC and the PC and PLC are connected to different Mains supply point you will almost certainly damage the Comms port on the PLC (ground loop induction) it has happened to me once during a moment of forgetfullness. I have no experience of this when using a USB convertor and not something I would intend to test. If I dont know the mains supply points I always run of Laptop battery.
  22. Prog.E LED flashing

    I suspect that while GX IEC accepts the SR instruction and compiles okay the FX2N does not recognise this Instruction. Only speaking from experience with an FX3U80MR and GXWorks 1.87 Compiled okay but on download to PLC I had the same errors. Removind and reprograming the Blocks fixed. As you will observe Bryll uses separate Set and RST Instructions. Well Done! I am only speaking from experience as when I had the Error there was no real indication of the problem. I have used the SR Instruction in GX Dev IEC with a FX3U No Problem. Cetronic
  23. a FX2N cant go in RUN mode anymore

    Yup Site visit seems the Go and good luck with that. I am sure the forum will be interested in the resolution.
  24. a FX2N cant go in RUN mode anymore

    Well folks I have just physicall checked this with a FX1N and 2N and it is indeed possible to put the CPU in Run mode with Switch in the Stop Position. However Cycling the power defaults to the switch Position Default but can restarted. I assume this would mean that a Program Cycle/Error would default to the same process. Dont know why you would want the Run Stop in the continuous Stop Position.
  25. I have the above Item for sale and will list on Ebay, It is in full working order with all manuals and software on 3.5 disk. Just thought I would post here in case there is some Enthuist Interest. Also all origonal cables, Mouse and Mouse pad. Quite a beast in its time.