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  1. CC-Link Network Dropping Out Ideas?

    I installed and commissioned a multi arm rotational machine cc- link ran to the five arms with 3 stations/arm cc-link ran through a set of slip rings I used a FX 3U and have not had a problem yet in 3 years continuous running. I would look at the cabling as a first port of call. Good luck.
  2. To elinate time issues I have used a lower end Plc (I/o) wise to perform the encoder interrogation and passed a signal to the main processor. Hope you reach a solution.
  3. I too have used John Ridley's book as a reference. The one issue I had related to an FX5 was the wrong version GXWorks2 and once updated I had to write a new project with the correct Eth Settings this probably not your issue. I don't have access to hardware and use GX works2 and IEC Developer. i cut my teeth on Siemens S5 up to 155U hardware and associated components. I actually found the ability to write S5 Machine Language and function block capability much more versatile but hardware reliability the same. Mits is much more accepted and understood by maintenance staff. Ray
  4.    @Yams I apologise if you took the comment "Stupid is as Stupid does" referred to you. I was referring to the technician who powered his laptop from a different phase to the supply to the PLC and the refered voltage difference damaged the Comms circuits. I know that from the FX3 onwards this Comms port issue does not occur as I have used a number of FX3 and FX5 with CCLink to AB drives with no problem.  I agree with Copyleft your Mitsubishi representative would be a good starting point to enable a decision. I hope you are getting a good response to your questions. Please let us know how you resolve the error.
  5. I have used all of the Plc,s mentioned and a lot of Mits FX, FX1, FX2 FX3 and FX5 and can only remember a Comms failure on a FX1 due to Technician error and a believe this has virtually been eliminated on the latest models, however stupid is as stupid does. As always I believe the manual is the key. Good luck and continue to post if you have specific questions.
  6. GE FANUC 90-30 SERIES

    Is this a Ferry machine? If so you will need original program name.
  7. CC-Link IE Field basic master

    Not sure if suitable for your project but have you looked net decoder by frontline. fte.com it comes in various versions. Ray
  8. I have the following for sale. I would prefer to sell as a lot. I can send pics if there is any interest. EX40 + 20 IO Extension with 2 Unused output PCB for ext unit. 2 EX40 Plus PLC. Timer Counter access unit Operational. With 2 PCB with errors showing. Handheld Programmer (Squeekbox) excellent condition. CutlerHammer Original software with hardware dongle. Some spare parts, they were operational before I used for testing various functions. PM ME IF ANY INTEREST.
  9. PID Function block for FX3G

    I have used the PidFX_V300 library in GXWorks2 In the the FX3U FX3G and the FX3GE I am sure its available on the Mits Euro Site or it might be the Beijer site. There are various versions of Pid. Ray
  10. FX3u-enet-adp issues?

    Hi Dunc, I had the exact same problem, check the hardware version of the FX3U it has to be above a specific version to recognise the ENET-ADP (l/h side). The version number is in the manual and FX3U should be above 3.1 or you will need to use the FX3U-ENET on the r/h bus.
  11. FX2N-TC

    PT 100 and TC or thermocouple are two different items. TC can be piggy backed and As Nightfly points out you can't piggy back RTD (PT100) Some controllers can re-transmit.
  12. FX program for rewinding machine

    Richard? from experience most of these type machines have different setup parameters, my suspicion is that there have been changes given that the ROM has been removed. Can you confirm FX model? The ROM would have been the Manufacturers base program. Is it dancerbar/tension control?
  13. FX program for rewinding machine

    Hi Richard,  good luck and I wish you success, I assume you have no real pressure to get this working. If I can be of assistance contact me.   Ray
  14. FX program for rewinding machine

    Hi Richard, sorry can't help with a program from a similar machine but I have experience with winding and slitting machine and Plenty with Mitsubishi PLC. Contact me if I can be of assistance.   Ray
  15. Tenor Info

    Hi Steve this complete package was purchased by the business some more than a year ago and icludes all cable harnesses, PLC, PC and Software (PLC Code and HMI Interface). I would believe that any upgrade now would be to the RX3I as the 90-30 moves to Mature state. We have had discussions withe local agent. Not sure if ferry have upgraded there Code to the RX3I on these old machines.