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The epomat project

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This email is about the EPOMAT project (European project with the direct involvement of Omron Italy), (Epomat Webpage) that is a set of tools and services aimed at improving the PLC programmer's work. If you work daily with instruments like the PLCs or you are the programmer of any kind of PLC then you may find interesting things in this site. In the downloading section you can download tools that will allow you to improve your PLC programming by using an high level language and an innovative approach. In the Epomat approach, the basic concept is that when you are programming a PLC you are actually trying to model a reality that is best represented through finite states automata. And so by means of the tools developed during the project you can use automata (and so states, events, transitions, but also variables and actions) to programm the PLC and to monitor and to debug the final code. The software allows to create frame compatible with Syswin32 (OMRON) and PL7 (Schneider). we are working also for CxProgrammer and Step 7. Automatic documentation in HTML and Excel format. We are looking for beta testers in all the world. (Free software for life to beta testers You can obtain information about download at the address: Epomat Download) Thank you for the attention and sorry for the long post. For any doubt write to

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