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DASS7 Server Communication

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Hi All, Im fairly new to PLC's and im currently working on a project which is using PCS7 which is as far as i know is siemens answer to a DCS system. My problem is that I want to communicate with it using a DAServer which I have set up in Archestra. The reason being is that I am using a simulation package called PICS which can talk to the DAServer but i cant in turn get the DAServer to talk to PCS7! At the moment we have WinCC communicating over MPI to the PLC. So in Archestra in the CP name section I choose MPI and then next in the VFD parameters section I dont know what to enter.I expected there to be a list in the drop down menu but it is blank and the documentaion states that if blank to make sure the right CP name is chosen! Any help on the reasons for this or tips to the setup would be great. Regards David Edited by dkennedy2004

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