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Hi I have a problem with uploading from a M340 P3420302, I think the problem is Å,Ä,Ö and yes I have Swedish installation on my computer.  

Procedure: I connect with IP (my computer is set to same network)  and choose "Transfer Project from Plc", and I got to program to my plc, but I also got over 500 errors. I have tried to change to Unicode in project settings/Variables, didn't help. Since its changing back.

Schneider support says rewrite all variables and text that has Å, Ä, Ö. But I have this problem on several Plc and the external people that this before I was employed is not contactable. It's acritical machine so, the question is: Anybody hade this problem and found a better solution than rewrite it?



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You might try and forums with this problem.

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