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Dear forum,

I am facing a trouble at the moment and hoping somebody can assist.
I have one HMI software, GT Designer 3, HMI: GS2107 and/or GT2107, the software works so far so fine.
The software is used on several products, I dont want to maintain two or even more software versions.

Two serial devices are connect:
1x MODBUS RS-485
1x MODBUS RS-232.

The data transfer is done via DDT, no direct calls.
The DDT transfer the MODBUS address to the internal GD-Registers. The GD-Registers are used within the HMI.

My trouble is that in some cases, there is no RS-232 device connected.
This creates time outs, slows down the HMI and its just not nice looking (I have a warning implemented "WARNING NO CONNECTION TO SERIAL DEVICE RS-232".

Is there a way, that I can select (retained) that the RS-232 is connected / or not?
Once the software is configured "NO RS-232 CONNECTED" I can handle the rest of the software.


Anybody an idea how to do this?

Many thanks.

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Hi MarkusR,
don't know if this will work but maybe you can use the Chanel Shutdown Controls GS539 to disable the corresponding chanel. The Special Registers
are described inside the Screen Design Manual inside Chapter 12/GOT special registers


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