B&R Automation Studio Copy Setup Status Hanging, Hardware Module Ver Update

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The summary of the issue is when attempting to update any hardware file or technology package, the package will hang up in the “copy setup” status. This state will remain indefinitely – no further progress is made past this point.

These are the steps that I have used to troubleshoot this thus far:

  • I always run Automation Studio as an administrator

  • I have redownloaded the program a couple of times, storing the downloaded ~8 GB package in C:/temp

  • Temp files are cleared prior to launching Automation Studio

  • I have tested different internet connections. With and without going through the company VPN.

  • Launching the package via local and internet connection to isolate if it is a TCP port blocking issue.

At this point I’m curious if there’s different registry key changes which allow for deleting files from temporary directories… but that’s just a theory.

I've attached some screenshots. 


What the function of the copy setup state?

How can I progress past this state? 


I'll keep banging on the keyboard to figure this one out but if there is a good Samaritan out there on the web it would be MUCH APPRECIATED!



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With the help of my IT department we were able to track down the root cause. To progress past the “Copy Setup” state FIPS compliance must be set off. FIPS is a US cryptographic module specification. There were several Local Security Policy settings associated with FIPS which needed to be disabled to progress past this state.  

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Hi @jetJaguar,

could you share what exaclty was changed? I am running into the same kind of issue...

Thank you in advance!

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