How to set parameters for A serie C C link diagnosis

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Hello, how set parameters for C C link diagnosis to diagnose broken no 1 and 2 station.


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A series CC-Link is "weird"... due to being developed after A-series itself had long been on the market, the programming of such isn't nearly as streamlined as on Q&L series.

You'll want the GxConfigurator-CC program... a separate purchase from GxDeveloper (wasn't awfully expensive if I recall), but well worth it for working with A-series CC-Link (or QnA or the like). It does have network monitors and the like built in, although I haven't used them much personally.

Side note: The main "perk" of the program is being able to create and write master module configurations, save them in a graphical format, and being able to burn them to buffer memory or EEPROM without the "original" method of programming a bunch of registers in the running PLC program. You'll still have to read/write directly from/to buffer memory and manually start the card and enable output updates, but otherwise, the program takes away a lot of the hassle with making CC-link work on A-series. 


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