Kinetix 5700 FLT M01-Safety Feedback

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Hi everyone,

I have an annoying fault on my Kinetix 5700 drive: M01-Safety Feedback. I know this fault is generated by  the SFX instruction in my Safety program that sets tag: "Axis.SFXFault" to 1.

The problem is that the instruction is NOT in Fault (Fault code 1 = no fault). This error occurred after Safety encoder 843ES lost it's IP address. I used Bootp to set it gain. And reset the SFX instruction.

I can see the encoder in studio 5000 rev 32.12 running and ok. 

Does anyone encountered this problem? How can I clear the fault?



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After a while found a way to clear the fault:

Set PLC to program mode

Power cycle

Set to run

If you just power cycle it without first setting the program mode the PLC remembers the Axis.SFXFault tag value and you won't be able to clear it.

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