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deny zaelani

RS2 instruction

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Hello Expert,


I've problem regarding Instruction RS2. I can receive and send data, but my problem is each time I send data it will always add 0 at the back.

I define array data for sending: 

  POU_01/DATA_SEND[0]    769       00000011 00000001    H0301    --    #0301    --    Word[Unsigned]/Bit String[16-bit]    VAR    D2235    %MW0.2235        --
  POU_01/DATA_SEND[1]    0            00000000 00000000    H0000   --    #0000    --    Word[Unsigned]/Bit String[16-bit]    VAR    D2236    %MW0.2236        --
  POU_01/DATA_SEND[2]    2560     00001010 00000000    H0A00    --   #0A00    --    Word[Unsigned]/Bit String[16-bit]    VAR    D2237    %W0.2237        --
  POU_01/DATA_SEND[3]   50637  11000101 11001101      HC5CD    --   #C5CD    --    Word[Unsigned]/Bit String[16-bit]    VAR    D2238    %MW0.2238        --

  Data receive on Serial Terminal : "01" "03" "00" "00" "00" "0A" "CD" "C5" "00"  ==> "00" last value I tried to figure out how can it get there ?

  I already check for terminator character already set off. I use channel 2 using FX-485-ADP-MB. I set my serial D8420 ==> "0C81".





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