ControlLogix L71 controller and Citect SCADA 7.10 Communication

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Hi All, Hope you all doing well in this pandemic life. 

I would need your expertise with an issue I have been struggling with for past few days and thought to reach out here.

I am working on a migration project with GE PLC and Citect SCADA 7.10. The GE PLC is migrated to ControlLogix L74 Rev24.10 while Citect SCADA is retained. For testing I only have L71 and L82 and could not managed to organise L74.
When the code the loaded in L71 and connected to Citect, I cannot see tags in Graphic page but I see the subscription.txt in Debug folder shows all tags good . The same code when loaded in L82, the Citect works instantly. 
Does anyone know this behaviour of PLC and SCADA?




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It's been a while since you posted this. Did you get it fixed?

I'm wondering what version(s) of Studio5000 you're using. The L71 and L74 controllers can go from V20 to V32, with some of the L74's being able to go down to V19. But the L8 controllers can only go down to V28. So I don't think you can be successfully testing V24 code on an L82 controller.

That said, the L8 controllers have quad-core processors, with one core dedicated solely to communications. I'm not a SCADA expert but since you seem to be having issues getting complete tag data (possibly a comms problem), my instinct would be to start there. 

If you did fix it, could you share the solution?

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