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Hey guys,

I've check out some of the forums surrounding the G3 Numatics and haven't stumbled upon anything that sounds quite like the issue we're experiencing.


Here's the scenario:

We have a G3 Numatics with DeviceNet comms to a Compact logix. We have replaced the input module (PN: 240-205, same firmware as old) and the communication module (PN: 240-180). The Rx is supposed to auto adjust to 9, but we keep getting the factory defualt of 6. It's as if it's not reading the Input module. We can observe the inputs change state on the input module itself, but we get nothing reporting back to the PLC. When we put the Rx to 9 Manually we get rid of the error 77 on the PLC, but still have no indication of state change from G3 to PLC. There are no errors on either the G3 mods or the PLC. We have contacted ASCO and Rockwell and we are still down. Has anybody seen this issue before?


Thank you in advance for you time,



NFDM%20Bagger%201%20Dnet%20Parameters%20  This is what we're supposed to see in NetWorx, but it resets to 6 produced and we lose the Part number on station 1.

We're still losing the part number. We've also tried downloading the part number to it, but it loses it immediately.

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Is the configuration on the G3 Numatics part of the CompactLogix I/O? You said you replaced the G3 with a unit that has the same firmware. When this happens, the Logix configuration file is supposed to write the proper values to the new device. If that's not happening and you have no errors, I'm assuming the problem is communication between the nodes. I'd go through the configuration files in Logix, and the comm parameters on the G3/ DeviceNet with a fine tooth comb. If you have an off-line saved Logix file (pre parts change) you might run the Logix Compare Tool against the .acd you're running on the Compact to save some time. The Compare Tool won't overlook something that we might not notice.

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Modular I/O systems can certainly be tricky on any network, especially one that treats them like a blob on differently sized data the way DeviceNet does.   I have a lot of DeviceNet experience but not with the Numatics G3.

What other devices are connected to the G3 adapter, other than that Input module ?

What was the context of the failure;  why did you replace both the communications adapter and an input module ?

How do you read the Input data connection size, and set it;  through the EDS-based parameter editor in RSNetworx, or through some other tool or utility (or the onboard display on the Numatics adapter ?).

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