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Kinco MT4414TE HMI with nidec unidrive inverter

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Hello, new here, so let's start :) 

I am having some issues with kinco mt series hmi, mt4414te. Kinco and unidrive sp are connected via modbus rtu, and that works ok, i sometimes use unitronics v430 or similar and it works ok. With kinco i cannot get any reading, for example i trg to reed rpm parameter at 03.27 which has adress 326 but i just got 0. On connector pin 1 and pin 6 are A/B for modbus, even tried to switch but same. In menu i did setup kinco on com0 and modbus rtu slave from menu in kinco hmiware,since i do not have any nidec djevice to chose. Also i tried all settings etc but same. So either i need to configure modbus slave in hmiware somehow, or there is something with adresses. So if someone could point me on right direction. Thanks! 

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