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I am trying to do a TON timer in GX Works2 on a FX2N PLC. If I simulate the code I have done in GX Works it works the way I need it to, but as soon as I upload it to the PLC it goes into error state. When I look up the PLC diagnostic there are two entries in the list. 
NO 6502 Error Step 35 Syntax error
No 0000 Error Step 35 Unregistration error
If I remove the timer from the program, all other things works fine. 

This is the code that makes it give the syntax error. 
Forward( IN:=%IX004, PT:=eTime);

Also tried this
Forward( IN:=%IX004, PT:=T#5S);
I have also set up the same in ladder, but get the exact same syntax error from the PLC once it's uploaded. 
Does anyone have an idea of what the problem can be? 


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