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I've got a ML 1200 C series with only 1 port and would like to connect to our DCS via Modbus. Since there's only one port, I've decided to employ a 1761-NET-AIC+ to provide for extra ports for Modbus and programming. Problem now is how to get PLC configured for Modbus. I can change the channel from DF1 Full Duplex to Modbus RTU Slave but then I won't have any port for programming. How will I get my modbus configurations in the PLC referenced to RS485 port on AIC+???

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1761-NET-AIC+ is not a protocol converter, it's just a RS232 to RS485 converter. To use Modbus you need to change comms driver in Channel configuration (see picture). However, since you only have 1 port, you'll need get DF1 comm to monitor/upload/download. To do that press and hold special hidden comm button for 1 sec (picture), then port protocol will return to default. Once programming job is done, use the same button or laptop to return to modus comms.



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