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I have been asked to build a control panel for a CNC machine and started looking for a simple enclosure to house a 15 - 17 inch touch screen with a keyboard panel to install a trackball and few control push buttons. Something similar, although simpler than the one below.

Related image

I was surprised to find very little out there - Rital optipanel and Rose SL2000 enclosures looking like the most suitable. 
Client almost fell out of their chair when the wholesaler quoted around $7K AU for the Rital optipanel. Still waiting on prices for the Rose enclosure.

So question for those in the know - what enclosures do you gents use?
Any recommendations?


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We have been using Strongarm enclosures in places where we need to suspend them from a wall or pole.  They offer painted and stainless steel enclosures. They have several options available.  the website is www.strongarm.com.  Good luck.

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