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Hi Guru's this is an odd ball question so thought id post it in here..... Ive got a DataLogic VS2 Vision Sensor and software that a can set up a good file of parameters and download to the vision sensor...... now heres the but there are multiple trigger modes to trigger the camera to take an image, please see image below.

1. Continuous 

2. External Trigger Rising edge +3vDC - 24vDC

3. External Trigger Falling Edge 0v

4. Ethernet

I'm only interested in the taking the image via the External Trigger Rising edge +3vDC - 24vDC as there is a sensor on our machine that gives a 24vDC output when the part is in position and id like to use the same output from this sensor as the rising edge trigger for the VS2 to take an image. but when i have it set to external trigger rising the camera does nothing ive tried multiple PSUs 5v thru to 24v and still cannot get it to trigger an image 

Im using pin 8 red on the M12 8 pin lead as required as this is the external trigger Data%20VS2%20ID%20Vision%20Sensor%20Quic 

any help on this matter will as always be much appreciate


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Just some thoughts:

  • Maybe they are using the common to be broken?
  • What PLC, maybe try the Ethernet?

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Ive tried breaking the common and im not sure how to send a message to the camera via ethernet from the micrologix 1100 im thinking i may need to use an optocouple to get out of this pickle im in 

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