CX Programmer, CS1H, Data Trace Multiple Data Sets?

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Lets say I worked in a factory that made multiple models of parts. I need to run data tracing on the off shift due to certain models only running on 2nd and 3rd shift. I want one data trace to capture one group of bits at Model 1, Then reset the Data Points and run again for Model 2, Model 3 and so on. So the Bits that I am mapping with the trace need to change. 

I can change the trigger easy enough with my program.

I see in the manual the CPU has a "separate memory area" for trace settings.

Can this area be accessed from the Program so I can set my bit addresses to monitor to a word or E_?


See attached pic for clarification of what I aim to change through the program. 



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A fellow Engineer offered the following solution.

Have a common Data Set.

So all the Trace Objects would be the same Example 0.00 0.01 0.02... and so on.

Then move the data points I need to trace in to that area based on the model. 

Model 1-----| | 4915.01--------(0.00) 

Model 1-----| | 4614.01--------(0.01)

Model 2-----| | 4913.01--------(0.00) 

Model 2-----| | 4917.06--------(0.01) 



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