CP1E + Fuji GYG152C5 servo Stop Application

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Hi All,

I am doing an application that use servo motor to feed plastic film to a target length (set by operator), and it need to stop immediately if marker sensor is ON. This application is control by Omron CP1E PLC. It will feed plastic film in 500-1000mm/s depends on the target length set by operator. It is require to stop immediately if the servo feed length more than 90% of the target length and the marker sensor is ON. However, is there any possibility for the servo to stop immediately once the condition is meet? As I am using PLS2(887) to feed with target length, and INI(880) to stop immediately, however, it cannot get the desired result as servo not able to stop immediately after marker sensor is ON, I am not sure is because of the PLC scan time, or servo need time to deceleration (deceleration rate assigned to #FFFF).

Appreciate anyone able to assist on this.

Thank you.

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On 11/8/2018 at 5:33 AM, gclshortt said:

I would try using the  PLS2(887) with ACC(888) (Independent, target frequency of 0 Hz) instead of the PLS2(887) with INI(880). This will then point to the issue. 


Hi Sir,

Appreciate for the info. However, this method is still not get the desire result. May I know is the regenerative resistor playing a vital role on this issue?

Thank you.

Best Regards,


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