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EIP Class 1 Connection Data Structure

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I am needing some guidance on an application I'm working on. I'm trying to obtain data from a profinet slave device to an Allen Bradley compactlogix PLC. I am using a Prosoft PLX82-EIP-PNC profinet-/ethernet-ip gateway as a median to allow me to access the profinet data. In RSlogix5000, I have created an EIP Class 1 connection for the profinet controller and AB PLC (248 words of input data, 248 words of output data). The same structure is created in the profinet controller (248 words of input data, 248 words of output data). The profinet gateway and PLC are communicating properly.

From my profinet slave device, I have a specification that the data is structured within a 23 byte format. Connecting to my profinet gateway, I can see this data. I have attached an image that shows the specification of the profinet data and the data values displayed inside the profinet controller.

From the PLC side, I'm needing to be able to see this data and put it in meaningful values. I am using the profinet slave device's internal temperature as an example to work towards.

I'm not sure the best way to be able to handle this data and structure it to a meaningful value inside the PLC. (I am using the device's internal temperature as an example to try and get into the PLC).



CIP Connection.JPG


rslogix tags.JPG


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