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Hey Guys,

I'm somewhat new to Data logging so try to bare with me. I'm trying to setup Data logging in Factorytalk View SE to log to my SQL database. I have created the 32-bit ODBC system DSN. Created the datalog model in FT View Studio and selected ODBC and it created my tables fine (Float, String, Tag). I chose Login required. I also setup a File backup path. With that being said, when I use the command DatalogOn- It will start the Datalog model without any errors, but will only log to the backup path. It isn't logging anything to my SQL DB. I thought it could be the firewall blocking it so I created a rule to allow connections through the specified port. SQL is also allowing Reading/Writing. 

Let me know if you guys have any suggestions. Thanks!

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An MES gateway appliance ( autoenumerates PLC tags and SQL scripts with a much easier connection than ODBC.   Are you only wanting to log data or would you rather exchange data bi-directionally?  Stored procedures are possible on the appliance and there's a physical firewall built in between to NIC ports that won't interfere with the SQL connection. This is an article explaining how they work:

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