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Return WORD/DWORD from function in GXW2

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Greetings, so i create project for FX3U in GX Works2. In my program i use function in ST. That function return array with word(signed). I have a warning:


No.    Result    Data Name    Class    Content    Error Code
1    WARNING    QueueBySetOn    Program compile    A WORD/DWORD type label is being used in the return value. The instruction used for the generated code will be changed. When using the designated instruction, use ANY_SIMPLE type except WORD/DWORD type.    C9026


FOR i_var := 0 TO n_i BY 1 DO
	TempNumbs := Numbs;
	TempDevSetsOnPerTime := DevSetsOnPerTime;
	QueueBySetOn[i_var] := 0;

QueueBySetOn[1] := TempNumbs[n_i];
QueueBySetOn[3] := 1;

FOR i_var := 0 TO n_i BY 1 DO
	IF (TempDevSetsOnPerTime[TempNumbs[i_var]] < MaxSetsOnPerTime) THEN
		QueueBySetOn[0] := TempNumbs[i_var];
		QueueBySetOn[3] := 0;

So, it realy funny, GXW cant return int?


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