Who Have Someone connected Citect with Omron CJ2M CPU32 ?

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Who Have Someone connected Citect with Omron CJ2M CPU32 ?

Can i use it?

Device communications wizard -> CJ Seres PLCs -> Ethernet 


or need to Finsgateway software. 



1. Boards

TCPIP / 0(Address) 

2. Port

-I192.168.100.10 -P9600 -U

(*PLC: , PC:

3. I/O Device

0/1/1/      /   OMFINS3 


[MANUAL]  ----> Fallow the manual ONLY CS1, CV Need to setting  w/n/u/V  or w/n/u/S

CJ2M do not need to this setting ?




I/O Devices Form

Complete the I/O Devices form as instructed, with the following specific information.

I/O Device Address

The station address for an Omron CV Series PC is specified as follows :

w/n/u/V for CV mode


w/n/u/S for CS1 mode


w is the FINS network address (1-127)

n is the FINS node number (1-126)

u is the FINS unit address (0)

There are no defaults for w, n, or u, but if you do not specify a mode (with a V or S), it will default to CV mode.

The FINS node number should be the same as the IP address node number. The FINS network number should be the same for all ETNs on the Ethernet segment.

There is no relationship between FINS network numbers and IP network numbers.


Thank you..

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