Randomize Outputs to Energize (Small Christmas Tree)

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I need a program that will utilize 4 Banner Lights. They each have 3 colors except for the one on the top it has 5.... I need each to be on together, but I want the output color to be randomized. I'm brand new to PLC's and would like to use RSLogix 5000, this will be a giant help for me to play with and alter to further my learning. Thanks. Using 16 Outputs, but only 14 are used.

Ive thought about an array possibly, but this is my first time trying to write code on 5000 ive used 500 in the past, and the whole tags thing is weird to me.

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I use the MOD function on an irreducible fraction such as 1/773469.

A true random number generator is next to impossible for a computer without reseeding it before every sample.

I use arrays I've loaded with random numbers generated by where they use atmospheric noise as a source.

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